Best KickAss Proxy List For 2020

Best KickAss Proxy List For 2020 - With Torrenting, sharing large files through a peer-to-peer network is now very easy. This is why a torrent search engine such as Kickass is super important.

Why Looking for a Working KickAss Proxy in 2020?

You need these sites in ordert o gain access to your desired torrent files and download them. While there are many torrent search engines out there, KickAss happened to be one of the most popular. If you are a regular torrent user, then you definitely know all there is about it. In the rare case that you don’t know, KickAss has been around from as far back as 2008. However, due to some copyright infringement issues, it got blocked in 2016. The U .S government seized the domain and then, all the site’s servers were down. Later on, the members of staff were able to launch a website with almost the same features as the original one. This did not seem to make much difference as the site barely got as popular as it used to be.

Not to bore you with history, one thing is sure. It is impossible to gain access to the original KickAss site. The good news, though, is that there are quite a handful of KickAss proxy sites out there. Their library is just as vast as that of KickAss and downloading the content you want is just as easy.

Best KickAss Proxies that Work For 2020

If you are a kind of person who likes to stick to one brand or website as the case may be,then proxy sites are for you. With a proxy site, you do not have to commit to a new torrenting site. What a proxy site basicallydoes is that it imitates the features of the original site. So, a KickAss proxy site sort of imitates the original KickAss torrents server. Below are some of the active KickAss proxy sites in 2020

1. - Proxy Link

Here, all files have been neatly categorized into movies, TV shows, games, and music. This way, navigating through the site is easy. The interface is also prettyclean and simple. There are also anime, books, and apps available for download. The downloading speed is very fast. The site is being maintained by staff from the original KickAss torrent site. Therefore, it is just as safe as the original one. It is, however, important to remain security conscious. The website is quitepopular has it has an Alexa ranking of 3110. On the con side though, the site makes use of anonymous service. This anon service makes it impossible to identify who the site owner is. This could have been likely done in a bidto protect against receiving spam. On the other hand, though, some scam sites use it as a cover so be sure to stay vigilant.

2. - Proxy Site

There is a search icon on the homepage to make finding files easy. Yet, the homepage is quitecumbersome. There are torrents, for movies, TV shows, music, games, and apps. There is also anime torrent and another categorized as ‘other torrents’. There, you would find books, magazines, and courses. The size of each file is also documented. This way, you would know which your device can accommodate and which it cannot at first glance. The speed of the website is average. It is not as fast as other proxy sites. On the brighter side though, it is sure to have all your favorite content in its library.

3. - Proxy Link

The interface of this site is very similar to that of katcr . co. Just like it, the speed of the website is very fast. It is also just as safe as the other proxy sites. There is a community of Kickass torrents users for users to interact with. There is also a FAQ section to help you find answers to whatever questions you have. Browse through the files through the various categories on the homepage. From movies to music to games and to TV shows. There is also a special category for new content and files under the ‘New’ category.

4. - Proxy Website

Just like the other proxy sites, files on here are also placed in categories. Anime, books, movies, music, and so on. There is a unique category referred to as ‘lossless music torrents’. It contains not so typical music types. All details from the original recording of the songs are complete. They include the remastered, expanded, and limited editions of various songs. There is also an avenue to make torrent requests and threads. Its speed is quitenormal, not too fast nor too slow. Find all your favorite content on this site easily. There is a torrent search query section. There, you can see what others are searching for. Should they interest you, they are only a click away for you to download them.

5. - Proxy URL

This KickAss proxy site lists its top 100 torrents. This rating is always done based on how many times users have downloaded a file. The torrents from this list are not limited to one category alone. You would find movies, music, and TV shows on this list. On the homepage, you would find new and latest torrents. There are close to 20 pages filled with all kinds of torrents. You can also make use of the search box to get to download your desired content. Before downloading though, make sure tohide your VPN so asto stay as safe as possible.

6. - Proxy Link

This proxy site has a prettycool interface. It is also quiteeasy to navigate. You would find the latest movies torrents there. The site gets updated with TV shows as soon as they are released too. With this site, staying up-to-date with all the new videos and shows is very easy. Same goes for music and games. You are sure to get torrents for all your desired apps too. From Adobe Photoshop to Adobe Acrobat to Microsoft Office apps. You would find anime, books, and textbooks too. Most of the books are in Epub format while textbooks are in PDF. It is loaded and filled with resources. You would find torrents for lossless music too. The file sizes of this music have been compressed to keep them at a reasonable level.

There is also an option that lets users view the top 100 downloads on the site. This way, you would find it easy to come across new content to download. Be sure to protect your privacy while you are at it. You may also use the search box to find and download your favorite content.

7. - Proxy Link

Find your favorite movies on this site as well as TV shows. There are also torrents for music, games, apps, and lossless music. If it is books and anime content that you want, there are available torrents to download from. There is also a community of torrent downloaders for you to converse with. There are forum threads on the site and blog post too. You would also find a section for the latest searches on the site. It becomes easy for you to come across both new and old content that way. The site is also pretty safe but be careful of what information you share on the platform.

8. - Proxy Link

On this proxy site, find the trending torrents that area vailable for download. Choose your preferred content from the movies, music torrents. There are also books, TV shows, anime, and ‘other’ torrents. There are also software torrents for all the latest apps. In the same vein, you would find torrents for adult content and games. There is also a top 100 countdown of downloaded torrents on the site. Use the search box as you so wish too. Be sure to download all the files anonymously too. You can do this by hiding your IP address with a premium VPN

9. - KAT Proxy Link

This proxy site is very similar to the original KickAss site. It is always updated as often as possible. The speed of the website is also quitefast. Download all kinds of content in torrents on this site. Movies, games, TV shows, and music. You can also browse through the new additions to the site right from the homepage. Contents get added to the site round the clock. You are sure to find something new every now and then. Like the others, there is a search box to make browsing through the content a lot easier.

10. - Proxy

Here, you get to access various kinds of contents that you so desire. As it is with other proxy sites, get your movies, TV shows, games, and music on this site. Simply searching for a movie title would bring you different uploads of that movie. You may also come across the torrent for the soundtrack of that movie. The speed of this proxy site is fast.

The original Kickass website might be down but really, it still lives on via proxy sites. These proxy sites would make it easy for you and other KickAss loyalists to easily stream and download content. Be sure to do torrenting right by protecting all forms of confidential information. Click on any of the 10 proxy sites above and get to download your favorite torrent content.

Disclaimer:  The presented list of Kickass Proxies is mainly for knowledge. We do not encourage any download / up load of copyrighted contents. You may be in trouble with the local law for doing so. Learn more about your local law first if it is okay. Your ISP may release your torrenting history to your local authority.

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