Free Best Ad Blocker for Firefox of 2019
Free Best Ad Blocker for Firefox of 2019

Free Best Ad Blocker for Firefox of 2019

Free Best Ad Blocker for Firefox 2019 - AdBlock is the most important tool in any browser. It helps you in blocking all the annoying ads.

The Need for the Best Ad Blocker for Firefox of 2019

But, every adblock has different features. Thus, many people don’t know which adblocker is perfect for them. We have compiled a list of the most effective and powerful adblockers. They will block all the annoying ads from your browser. Most pop-up ads will download some unknown files on your computer. These files are malware or virus. Thus, they can affect your computer performance. Some websites will show good advertisements. But, most websites on the internet shows malicious ads. These malicious ads can hurt your computer performance. Hence, most people use Adblock in their browser.

There are many browsers in the market which you can use to surf the net. In the past, very few browsers were available in the market. But, there are many browsers available today like Chrome, Firefox. You can also Edge Browser which is already present in Windows. All these browsers provide many unique features to their users. You can use various extensions to modify your browsing experience. These browsers get updated every month. Hence, you will receive new features every month.

The web browser community is still improving. Still Web browsers can’t protect your PC from adware. If you want to protect your PC from adware, then you must use Adblocker on your browser. Adblocker blocks all the ads from your browsers. It will protect your computer from malicious ads. It will especially help you if you are accessing free streaming websites. Such websites use pop up ads on their website. Hence, it is important to use adblock on such websites. Otherwise, you will get annoyed by pop-up ads. Adblock will protect your PC and browser from malicious ads. It will also make sure that trackers can’t track your browsing activity.

List of Free Best Ad Blocker for Firefox of 2019

If you want to use Adblock, then you can look for it in your browser add-ons. Every browser hasadblock add-on for its users. Each add-on makes your browser unique. Thus, theyarewidely used by most users. You can get most of the add-ons for free. If you are looking for advanced protection, then you can use the paid version of adblock. It will block all the ads from your browser. One great way to use these great Firefox ad blockers is block ads while watching movies streaming online with ease.

Firefox AdBlock - Ad Blocker Link

Firefox AdBlock
Firefox AdBlock

This is the most famous adblocker for Firefox users. You can use it blocks annoying ads from your Firefox browser. It will also block all the pop-up ads from your browser. If you are a Firefox user, then you can get this add-on for free. You don’t need to pay anything to use this extension. If you want to use this extension, then you can look for it in Firefox add-ons.

The main purpose of Firefox AdBlock is to block ads. But, it is not limited to blocking ads only. There are many features which these Adblocker offers. Malicious ads can inject trackers on your computer. Thus, hackers can hijack your computer privacy. These harmful programs are inside the website ads. If you are using Firefox browser, then you must install some Firefox Adblock in it. It will block all the ads from your browser. Thus, your browser won’t get infected by trackers and adware.

Adblock is the most use adblocker in the world. But, recently they have blocked only pop-up ads. If you want to block all the ads, then you must use other adblocker. There are many adblockers available in the market. In this article, we have included the best Firefox ad blockers. You can use them to block ads in your Firefox browser.

uBlock Origin - Ad Blocker Link

uBlock Origin
uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is one of the most famous adblocker in this list. It has a very simple user interface. Thus, most people love it. You can use this protect your browser from trackers and malicious adware. Most malicious adware can inject malware in your computer. Thus, it is important to use uBlock origin when you are surfing the web. You can install it from the Firefox Add-ons website. Once you have installed it, the uBlock Origin icon will appear in your browser. You can find it on the right side of your browser. You can turn it off and on by clicking on the power button. If you want to disable the ad blocker on any website, then you can click on the power button like. Some famous websites won’t let you use an ad blocker. Thus, you can turn off your ad blocker on those websites.

You can also create a filter list from host files in uBlock. If you want to add the filtersmanually, then you candirectly add it in the ad blocker. But, don’t add too many filters. You need storage to add filters in uBlock. If you are adding too many filters, then your browser will become slow. uBlock origin is the best ad blocker in this list. You can use it to block all the annoying ads from your computer.

HTTPS Everywhere - Ad Blocker Link

HTTPS Everywhere
HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is available in every browser. You can use it in major browsers like Firefox, Opera and Chrome. It will ensure the security of your browser. Electronic Frontier Education and the Tor Project are the owner of this extension. Tor browser is also the most secure browser in the world. Thus, they have created a separate extension for all the browsers. You can use HTTPS Everywhere to encrypt your communications and online browsing. This extension will convert all the HTTP links to HTTPs link. HTTPS is the secured version of any website. Thus, this extension will redirect you to the secured version of any website.

But, many websites use third-party domains. These third-party domains don’t have an HTTPS version available. If you want to check any website for HTTPS, look at your browser icon. If you see an exclamation mark, then your browser is vulnerable to many attacks. Third party domains can inject trackers in your browsers.However, most websites are moving to HTTPS. Hence, soon all the websites will run on HTTPS. This extension will ensure that you are only visiting the secured version of any website.

Disconnect - Ad Blocker Link


You can also prevent your browser from getting injected by tracking cookies. Disconnect will check all the cookies on your browser. Every website you visit will save some cookies in your browser. Disconnect will checkall of them for malware. This tool is alsosimilar to any other ad blocker. You can use it disable the trackerstemporarily orpermanently. You can find the permanent option on the top of your browser. It will block all the trackers whenever you visit any website. But, the temporary option will only block the trackers from the current website you are using. You can use both features to block ads.

Disconnect also has premium and pro services. You canpurchase these services to increase the security of your computer. If you want topurchase the pro version, then you need to pay $24.99. Disconnect Pro will protect your whole computer from malware. If you want to protect other devices also, then you canpurchase the premium version. You can protect all your devices for $50 per year. But, you can only use this service on 3 devices. If you have more devices, then you can email them to get a quota. They will also provide you with VPN access with the premium version. Thus, you need not pay for a separate VPN. You can hide your IP address with VPN. VPN will also allow you to encrypt your browser traffic.

Firefox Focus - Ad Blocker Link

Firefox Focus
Firefox Focus

If you are an iPhone or Android user, then you can use FireFox Focus. This app ismainly developed for smartphone operating systems. Most smartphone browsers don’t have add-ons. Thus, you can’t extensions to hide ads from your browsers. Firefox Focus will block all the ads from your browser. You need not install any malware detector in your device. You canuse Firefox Focus for private and safe browsing. This browser will block all the ads and trackers from all websites. Hence, you need not worry about installing other security apps.

Firefox Focus provides you more privacy by letting you control website trackers by grouping them as:

1. Social Trackers, Analytics and Advertisements.

2. Other content trackers like a news article, photo slideshows, and videos. These embeds can track your activities. But, blocking them might break some websites in your browser. Thus, be careful while using this setting.

Firefox Focus is the perfect browser to protect your mobile from security threats. It will ensure the privacy and security of your device. You can erase your passwords, cookies, bookmarks, and history. It will also block all the unwanted ads from your browser. Thus, you will get a better browsing experience. Firefox Focus is not limited to blocking ads only. It will also block and identify all the trackers. They have partnered with Disconnect to provide this feature. Thus, you need not worry about any trackers injecting into your browser. You will get the best and safest mobile web surfing experience.

Adblock for Firefox - Ad Blocker Link

Adblock for Firefox
Adblock for Firefox

Adblock is the most used ad blocker in the world. It is available in all browsers. Adblock is available for Firefox lovers. It can protect your browser from various threats like adware and trackers. Adblock is a very lightweight extension. Thus, your browser will worksmoothly. It will also improve your browsing experience. You won’t see any annoying ads while surfing. The webpages will load faster because you don’t need to waste any data in ads. Thus, Adblock will also improve your browser performance. If you love watching Youtube videos, then you must use this extension. It will block all the video ads from YouTube. Video ads consume a lot of data. Hence, you will save a lot of internet data.

Adblock was the first ad blocker launched in the world. It wasinitially available only for Opera, Chrome, and Safari. But, soon they made it compatible with Firefox in 2014. Now, you can use it to block all the annoying ads from your browser. If you want to install it in your browser, then go the add-on section and search for Adblock. After thatjust install it to block all the annoying ads. You can also check all the features before downloading it. You will find reviews of other users on the add-on page. Almost every Firefox user has used this extension in their browser. Thus, it is also the most powerful and famous ad blocker in the store.

AdblockPlus for Firefox - Ad Blocker Link

AdblockPlus for Firefox
AdblockPlus for Firefox

Adblock Plus is the updated version of Adblock. It has many updated features which are not available in Adblock. You can enjoy seamless browsing after installing this extension. It is a free add-on which you install paying nothing. Many people mistake it for a premium version of Adblock. But, it is completelyfree. You will get all the services for free.

AdBlock Plus will completely change your browsing experience. It will provide you many features like blocking ads, disabling trackers and many more. You can choose what you want to block by using their filter list. If you want to see ads on some website, then you can whitelist them on the filter list. You can use the filter list to block annoying elements like trackers or ads.

You can use Adblock Plus to improve the security of all browsers. This extension is available in major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. It is also available in mobile browsers. Thus, you can protect your mobile also. You can find this extension in the add-on section. Once you have found it,just install it. The icon of Adblock Plus will appear near the search bar of your browser.

The best thing about the Adblock plus is that you can use filter list. Thus, you can instruct your browser to block certain elements. If you don’t want to block any ads, then you can add that website in the white list. You can also block some certain elements from the webpage. If you don’t have time to create your own list, then you can use the predefined list. All the predefined listsare published, managed and created by other users. This extension has an open source license. Thus, everyone can contribute to this project.

Which is the Free Best Adblock for Firefox in 2019?

Most people get confused between Adblock Plus and Adblock. Both Adblock Plus and Adblock are great extensions. They will provide you great features. Also, you need not pay anything to use them. You can use the predefined filter lists. If you are not satisfied with the filter lists, then you can add more things in it. Thus, you can enhance your browsing experience.

Adblock plus will only block harmful ads from your browser. But, it will still show you safe ads. Thus, website owners can still earn some revenue from ads. It is important to support other website owners. Adblock plus will block all the annoying ads from your browser. It will also protect your browser from malware.

If you don’t want to see any advertisements, then you can go for Adblock ultimate. It will block all types of ads from your browser.Just like other ad blockers, it will block all the malware and trackers. Thus, your browser will never get infected by any malware. It is like any typical ad blocker available in the market. But, it is the most powerful version of the Adblock extension.

You may wonder what makes this Adblocker so powerful. For starters, it can block all the annoying ads from your browser. It will also protect you against pop-up ads, flashy ads, and even Youtube ads. Thus, you will save a lot of your internet data. Youtube ads consume a lot of internet data.

But, there is no whitelist in this adblocker. Most other adblockers have a whitelist. Because of this feature, you will see no ads in your browser. You can use Youtube as much as you want. Blocking ads will also improve the website loading speed in your browser. Your browser will load big websites in less time. Thus, you will get an efficient web browsing experience. There are some disadvantages to this extension. It will decrease the CPU power of your PC. Also, it will increase the memory usage of your PC. But, it is a tiny price which you have to pay for a better browsing experience.

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