Top Deadliest Weapons in World War 1

Top Deadliest Weapons in World War 1

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Before we talk about top deadliest weapons in World War I, we may need to see the history first. WWI which began in 1914 involved and created two sides of powers, The Central Power and the Allied Powers. The Central Power were consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, The Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria, meanwhile the Allied Powers were Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Romania, Japan, Belgian, Montenegro, Portugal and United States. This global conflict began after the assassination of the heir of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Archduke Frans Ferdinand on June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo. The assassination was initiated by a Serbian nationalist-terrorist group called the Black Hand. The heir was shot during his travel in an open car which he and his wife shot. Eventually, there were several factors that led up to the WWI.

1900s was the moment that European nations control across the globe that British and French Empires colonized regions like India, Africa, and even South East Asia, like Malaysia, Singapore, and East Indies (now Indonesia). This imperialism made results in high tension between European countries. This tension became worse when each colony acquired by coercion.There is no war when there is no tension. No wonder if when there was huge tension between European countries stayed there and no tries at all to reconcile. Back then, the spirit of important figure seemed to have great influence to the youth on independence. There are other reasons why WW started and it could be longest world war ever. We are going to let you know on top deadliest weapons in World War I and also the ideology that is too different worsens the condition back then.

Nationalism also played an important role in that time, especially the Serbian nationalism which has direct link to the beginning of the WWI. Serbian got in-dependency from Austria-Hungary Empire and the Ottoman Empire and trying to control Bosnia and Herzegovina to form a unified Serbian state. With the disagreement of the Ottoman Empire, the nationalism wave continued to rise and resulted to the assassination. The assassination then triggered the anger of the Austria-Hungary Empire that they issued a warning to Serbia which later was rejected and continued by the Austria-Hungary Empire as a declaration of war. That empire then was helped by the German while the Serbia was supported by the Russia.

This support from Germany to Austria-Hungary was commonly known since there was a meeting between the high officials from each states. Germany offered military and security in the Serbia. Germany started the war by invading France and confronting Russia. In September, French and British army confronted the Germany in the northeastern France. The attack was successful to drive the German back to north. On the East, the Russian team invaded East Prussia and Poland, but stopped by the German and the Austria-Hungary forces.Back then, top deadliest weapons in World War I were developed by many countries who got to compete to get the deadliest. It was common as the ego of each country was big and the ideology and also knowledge are still narrow without opening eyes.

United States entered the World War I in 1917 with the bill passed by the Congress that allowed the US to join the war. This was started because the neutrality policy of Unite States was impossible to maintain in that time when the Germany attacked several neutral ships which carried civilians passengers and other commercial ships, including U.S.ships. There was also protest over the sinking ship which carried American passengers which resulted in the increasing of public opinion against Germany.

This war ended on the November 11, 1918, after 4 years of war. Germany signed an agreement of peace and no-war with the Allies in France. With the total number of death and wounded military personnel and civilians were around 40 million, Germany, Russia, Great Britain, and France had the most death. In 1919 with the Treaty of Versailles, the Allied leaders stated their intentions to build a more peaceful post-war condition. Then the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919. However, the treaty mission was not achieved.

This massive fights between each countries led to many disruptions, helped to spread the Spanish flu epidemic, and As the first modern war and one of the bloodiest war, this war used several military weapons including machine guns, tanks, aerial combat, and even chemical weapons. These are the top 5 deadliest weapons used in world war I:

Maxim MG 08 Machine Gun (Maschinengewehr MG08)

This was a machine gun was designed by Sir Hiram Maxim from UK. It was a medium machine gun with a peculiar sledge, caliber 7.92x57mm Mauser. It was then licensed and manufactured by a German company named Ludwig Loewe in 1894. This gun is a short recoil operate, full automatic only, water cooled. Its rate of fire could reach 500 roundspere per minute.Machine gun had been common in many kind of battle in world war 1. Maxim MG was just the example of the weapons there but this maxim was one of the top deadliest weapons in World War I.Machine gun then were developed again in WW II after the European forced to have war and people were to confused back then because there were still lot of things to do. World War I remarked the first brutal war in the world. Maim MG was the popular weapons then.

Tank Mark V

Tank until now is the first common weapon. It could defend the armies and also it could attack the enemy back then. Tank is equipped with completed weapons and that what made Tank so powerful and dangerous. Tank could destroy the area on WW 1. One of the most popular tanks in WW 2 back then was this Tank Mark. People competed to have their own bus to ensure that there will be moreThe British Mark V tank was their heaviest tank with weight around 28 tons for the female version and 29 tons for the male version. This tank was designed in 1917 by Major Walter G. Wilson from UK. Its engine has 19 liter six cylinder in line Ricardo petrol engine, with power 5.2 hp/ton and its speed reached 5 mph maximum. This tank is deployed in the First World War, then the Russian Civil War, and the Second World War.However Tank Mark V had been one of the top deadliest weapons in World War Iin history. The technology and also the way it was built had been the basic development for the next tank and it did happen in WW II. Tank technology had been taken so seriously and again became one of the deadliest in another era. Tank is super flexible for every area and loaded various weapons that could help soldiers to attack.

Fokker Triplane

This aircraft was manufactured by a Dutch aircraft manufacturer. Its first flight was July 5, 1917. It could accommodate 1 crew, with length 5.77 m, height 2.95 m, maximum speed 185 km/h and stall speed 72 km/h. This aircraft was famous because it was used by Manfred van Richtofen or the Red Baron in the West Front in 1917 – 1918 and it helped him gained his last 19 victories.Anthony Fokker and Reinhold Platz were responsible in building and developing the first triplane in the world. Since 1916, they developed and research this plane for WW I. They had manufactured several planes and the characteristics of them were pretty same. The biggest problem of this plane was the speed. What made it not as fast as expected was the wing. Not saying that the wings are excessive but the weight didn’t have enough balance so it reduced the speed production of this plane. Back then, war plane was not developed and built well. The technology researched deeply but cost bigger than other weapons. Despite the speed was not as expected, the equipment and the weapon attached on this Fokker Triplane was enough to attack enemies. It was still one of thetop deadliest weapons in World War I.

German Submarine U-93

In any kind of war, there had to be completed power. You had to master air, ocean and ground. Forces were supposed to have power on those equipped with each weapon. In World War I, Strong air force used Triplane, ground forces used tank while navy forces used Submarine. Class ship wasn’t born yet, but submarine already existed since long time ago in World War I. One of the most popular in WW I was German Submarine U-93.This boat was one of the 329 submarines owned by the Imperial German Navy and became the symbol of the World War I. It was preceded by Type U-87. This u-boat had 71.55 m length, 3.94 draught, 16.8 knots in surfaced and 9.1 knots in submerged. It was powered by two 2,400 metric horsepower engine in surface used and two 1200 metric horsepower englines for submerged used. Its complement could fit to 39 men. Eventhough it was a slow u-boat, it could sunk 411,000 tons Allies’s ships. We all know how successful it was for German to have mastered all of powers including water from navy forces and more. Power can’t be separated as it should be united as one force to defend nations. German seemed to focused on navy because not many threat besides ocean. Thus, this German Submarine became one of the strongest submarine ever. German Submarine had been the forth deadliest weapon in world war 1. You shouldn’t be surprised to see the fact that German Submarine was just one of all submarines German had. It was just the strongest weapons also in WW 1.

Big Bertha and Paris Gun

In building big power, German had tried to manufacture lot of kinds of weapons. The reason behind big development of weapon of course to claim German as one of the biggest countries who could win and all European countries should be submissive to them. However, war is a war. There was no such thing like submission. Each country had a same chance in making weapons. Another big weapon that was one of the top deadliest weapons in world war 1 is Big Bertha, or officially named “Marinekanone 14 L/12”. It was a giant howitzer of Germany manufactured by Krupp AG, a 400 years old German dynasty which was popular of their productions of steel, artillery, ammunition, and other military products. It had 42,600 kg weight, 10 m length, 4.7 m length, 420 mm caliber, and 8 shells an hour of rate of fire. It also had maximum firing range almost 1 km. It had the quickest time, 5 – 6 hours, to emplace compared to other siege howitzer. This howitzer fielded by the Germany from 1914 – 1918. In the World War I, it destroyed Forts Pontisse and Loncin.

Chemical Weapons

The first chemical weapon used in WW I was in 1914. It was tear gas which gave disability and blurred vision to enemies. The first weapon was used by the French government. It was hard to detect the existence of tear gas. The next chemical weapon was lethal gases. Most of chemical gas made by the scientist and targeted to harm eyes so the armies couldn’t concentrate well during the war. Chemical weapons were not developed too massive just like when WW II because the effectiveness was still confusing. Chemical weapons were upgraded by Nazi in WW II and made Japan, US, French to depart and no one would disturb. The most popular chemical weapons after WW I was nuclear bomb that till now no countries are allowed to use this kind of stuff because it is so dangerous. What made chemical weapons became the first chemical stuff as one of the top deadliest weapons in World War I was the teary gas that no one were able to control.

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