7 Ways When I Need Money Now for Free and Fast 2023

by Sean B.

7 Ways When I Need Money Now for Free and Fast 2023 - Has this ever crossed your mind, “I need money for free and fast but it’s impossible, right?” Well, let me tell you that such a thing is possible as long as you get your terms correct and you know where to look at the right directions all these years, people have the wrong concept about the so-called ‘free money’ that they are completely stuck in doing their things or their activities.

7 Ways When I Need Money Now for Free and Fast 2023

If you want to earn the extra money, there are some ways to do so as long as you are smart, creative, and determined. Once you are able to handle the obstacles, everything should be okay and fine. But then again, you need to know where to go and what to do.

Why Free Money Fast is Important ?

If you think that you can sit around doing nothing while money keeps going your way, well, dream on. There is nothing completely free without you lifting a finger – unless you have a money tree growing on your backyard. But then again, it is impossible so we are back to square one: what is free money, anyway?

All these years, you have to work hard to get the money for home repair, pay the bills, medical expenses, and such thing alike. Sometimes, even after you have been working so hard, it is just never enough. Somehow, you keep on scrambling for money, expecting to have some extra remaining in your wallet – which has never happened.

Well, instead of working hard, why not working smart? Yes, you will have to work and plan and expense some efforts, but the outcome can be promising? Instead of having to break extra sweat excessively, you can do it in the fun way – it is so fun that you don’t feel like working! Is it even possible?

Again, the key is about managing your work so it won’t be burdensome or it won’t be dreadful. When you do something you like, it doesn’t feel like working, right? Well, the same thing also applies to this concept of getting the free money.

If you are happy and you have fun times doing it, it feels like you are getting the extra free money – although there is a small part where you need to work on it.

So, the real concept of free money is the money that you can get with minimal efforts and time. If you can do it without the slightest burden of being dreadful or when you do it in the fun manner, then it doesn’t feel like you are even trying! And the best part is that you can get the money for your efforts and your attempts. Isn’t it great?

Getting Things Straight

Let’s get one thing straight first. There is no such a thing of getting money WITHOUT you having to do any extra work unless you are a homeless person getting the help from the government. If you still have a car to drive, if you still have a roof above your head, if you still have your gadgets and stuff, then you have to work on it – you have to earn it.

With these methods that I’m about to show you, you will have to work on it although you won’t have to be excessive about i t.

It would be a good idea to do these things as a side job or during your extra time. If you still have your main job, keep on doing it. You need to have a major source of income. Getting the extra money should be included as the extra activity, not as your main job so be wise about making your decision right.

If you take a look around and you see people who seem to enjoy getting constant income without doing anything, hold your thoughts.

Everything has its own process and sacrifice – there is nothing instant in this world. So, next time you see successful people who seem to get non-stop stream of money, they may now enjoying the sweet fruits of their hard work in the past. If you are thinking, “I need money for free and fast”, then there are some possible ways to do so.

Relying on Apps

We live in the world of technology so why not making use of it? If you know which app to use or which feature to rely on, you can get money, free samples, and cash back offer – which can also be converted to money.

First of all , have you ever thought about joining some survey lines or sources? You will get paid by taking the surveys – simply by answering their questions! Naturally, different sources will have different mechanism, but you can enjoy the free money.

In some surveys, you will automatically get a few dollars after completing a survey. In others, you may get points. And these points can be converted into money. All of them can be transferred to your PayPal account, so it is very easy and convenient.

Besides surveys, you can also take parts in video watching activities or programs. Simply watch the videos requested by the providers and voila! You will get the money after watching the videos to the end. These kinds of things are pretty simple.

You can manage the activity during your spare time – so it won’t bother your main job. It is flexible because you can have it anytime and anywhere. The more active you are, the more money that you will get. But of course, this isn’t an obligation. It is totally up to you.

Third, there are some apps that can help you save money by monitoring your habits, purchasing management, and such thing alike. Don’t you love it when you can buy the things you need and save money at the same time? For instance, Ibotta is an application that can provide cash back offer.

When you buy something in a store that is related to the app, Ibotta will automatically make the checking and the cash back. In the end, you can get the exciting cash back, which can be converted to money too.

With the apps, there are some possible apps that can help you with better financial management and money saving.


7 Ways When I Need Money Now for Free and Fast 2023: Trim
7 Ways When I Need Money Now for Free and Fast 2023: Trim

It is not an app basically, but a service. It will help you manage your bills with DirecTV, Verizon, Charter, Time Warner cable, SiriusXM, ADT Security, and AT&T. If you use the service, they will get right on it – checking any unnecessary expenses and help you save money.

In general, those who sign up for the service will be able to enjoy the perks of saving money within a day or 2 days after the sign up. That’s pretty impressive! This service can also help you deal with subscriptions that you have neglected or even forgot that you have one. What about insurance?

Trim can also help. In case you are shopping for an insurance, they will help you get the best deal. By monitoring your habits, it can help you make a better decision about your spending.


7 Ways When I Need Money Now for Free and Fast 2023: Paribus
7 Ways When I Need Money Now for Free and Fast 2023: Paribus

This is an app that gives you cash back whenever there is a price drop. Let’s say that you had just bought a kitchen utensil and 3 days later, you found out that the same utensil was sold cheaper – $15 cheaper. If you are using this app, you can get the refund from the price difference – and you don’t even have to do anything.

This app is 100% free and it will monitor your purchasing history as well as the email inbox. Whenever it detects a price drop, it will activate the refund for your sake. Now, you won’t have to worry about any sale anymore because this app will deliver the best bargaining experience – and you don’t have to move a muscle.


7 Ways When I Need Money Now for Free and Fast 2023: InboxDollars
7 Ways When I Need Money Now for Free and Fast 2023: InboxDollars

This is an app that will give you money to do simple things, such as answering questions, watching videos, and shopping. There is nothing difficult about this app. Things are fun and you can seriously earn money – not points.

Those are just some examples of the modern apps that can help you get money without having to break a sweat. So, now, the answer to your concern about ‘I need money for free and fast’ is to turn to technologies and take advantages of the perks they are offering.

There are still tons of great and free apps out there. Some of them can provide you with free samples regularly. Some of them can help you get money or points, and some of them can give you a lucrative cash back offer. You only have to choose wisely.

Work and Try Smartly

Besides the apps, there are still other things that you can do to get money. For your concern, “I need money for free and fast”, consider some of these options.

As it was mentioned before, some of the methods to generate money may require an initial effort, which means that you need to plan and work first before it can be your automatic money machine. But if you can do it right, the final results can be promising and sweet.

For instance, if you have the extra property, why not renting it out? If you have one in the business district, you can rent it out as a working space. Or if you have another house or bungalow, you can rent it.

Even if you have the extra room at home, you can be the Airbnb host. Simply make use of the unused basement, bedroom, or even second house. Besides getting money, you can also interact with people from different parts of the world. How cool is that?

If you are an active person and you don’t really like sitting around doing nothing – including during the weekends – then there are some possible ways for you. A friend of mine is joining an online community where they will be rewarded for doing small tasks or answering questions. And then she is also taking the offers as a pet sitter and dog walker during weekends.

It is a pretty promising job because she can get at least $100 a week. She also signs up for online freelance job, which she does during her free time. She enjoys the work because it isn’t stressful at all. And she doesn’t consider it as a job – she considers it as a hobby. Sounds like a clever strategy, don’t you think?

There are some possible jobs that you can also do with those kinds of activities:

  • Online freelance. There are different tasks or specifics for this kind of work, but since it is done online, it is pretty effective. In most cases, as long as you have the internet connection, you are good to go!
  • Investment. There are some apps or services that are quite trusted and reliable. With a small amount of money for the investment, you can get a profit on a daily basis – and you don’t need to do anything! Don’t expect the profit to be grandeur or extravagant, though. The amount may be small but if it happens on the daily basis, you are basically getting money every day.
  • Car rental. If you have a car and yet you don’t use it quite often, why not renting it out?
  • Uber or Lyft driver. If you like meeting new people and you like spending your time moving around, then this profession is a good idea. After all, the working hour is quite flexible – which means that you can do it after your work is over.
  • Babysit. If you like babies and toddlers, this is a perfect opportunity for you to earn money.
  • Pet sitter and dog walker.

Imagine how much money you can make if you can plan and manage your side jobs. During your free time, you can do the extra work (make sure to do the things you like) and use the apps to save your spending. If you can combine them all, you know your money source to the statement I need money for free and fast.

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