American Express Test Card Numbers 2023

The Best Ways

by Sean B.

American Express Test Card Numbers 2023 (The Best Ways) - Online business is booming in this era. Many business owners prefer to run business on the internet instead of having physical stores. Indeed, such business mode has so many advantages.

First of all having online store cuts down the cost of operating a retail store. Building and maintaining physical store can be very costly in certain areas. In addition to that, online store has wider market outreach.

American Express Test Card Numbers 2023

American Express Test Card Numbers 2023
American Express Test Card Numbers 2023

It does not mean that online business does not possess challenge. This article will be discussing about American Express test card numbers 2023. It is related to the payment system of a retail website which is a pivotal aspect in the business.

Business owner is recommended to accept online payment. The number of people who are using this modern payment method is growing. To cater the growing customer, you should establish this payment system within the website.

It improves merchant’s credibility in customer’s mind and is likely to encourage purchase. The reason is because online payment method provides protection from fraud for its users.

Online payment method is also considered to be more convenient because it can be done anytime and anywhere. You should at least cater few major payment processing networks, such as: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for starter.

Why Do Merchants Need American Express Test Card Numbers 2023?

Why Do Merchants Need American Express Test Card Numbers 2023?
Why Do Merchants Need American Express Test Card Numbers 2023?

Having a payment system within the business website is really beneficial for both customers and merchants. It makes the process of shopping in the merchant website is more comfortable and straightforward for customers.

Merchants are also benefitted from psychological impact that having reliable payment system will bring. This can improve sales. To build a payment system in the website, merchant employs payment gateway service.

This application authorizes payment made by credit card for items offered by the merchant. During the testing stage of payment gateway service, test cards such as American Express test card numbers 2023 will be needed.

How will the test credit card work for this activity? When will test card be needed during testing? Here is the checklist of payment gateway testing to help business owner understand this issue more.

Testing of Functions

This part of testing is very important. Functional testing is done based on specifications of application that is being tested. It is executed to make sure that every function that the payment gateway should be able to perform can run as it should be.

The typical actions that payment gateway is capable to do are calculating the total purchase, discounting price (if there is any promotion), as well as adding VAT based on buyer’s location.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is another pivotal thing in payment gateway testing. This test will determine how payment gateway application will work under certain workload. Qualities that are being tested are system’s stability and responsiveness.

Depending on its target audience, a merchant website will be well visited during certain hours and experience slow traffic during other hours.

During peak traffic hours, payment gateway system will have heavy workload. Performance testing will ensure that this system still works well under duress.

Integration Testing

This testing is the stage where American Express test card numbers 2023 (and from other networks, too) will be needed. Payment gateway system works together with credit and debit card issuers to authorize any purchase made by customer.

When the payment system is trying to confirm whether credit card information that is being entered by customer is valid, issuer must respond in timely manner accurately. This testing ensures that payment gateway application and issuers’ data system can work harmoniously.

Security Testing

Data that is being handled by the payment gateway software contains very sensitive information such as customer’s personal information and bank account.

Data leakage will be detrimental to business’ growth. Security testing will unveil any mechanical vulnerability within the security system so that outside threats can be prevented.

This process protects merchant and customer altogether. It should be done every once in a while to ensure that protection built around the system is up to date.

Test credit card is especially important during integration testing stage. To do the integration testing, developer will use test card numbers to replicate the entire transaction flow within the sandbox or testing environment.

Below are several basic tests that developer should run to ensure that merchant and credit card issuers’ systems are well integrated to the payment gateway.

  • Testing if customer can place order on goods and services offered by merchant website.
  • Ensuring that the amount of money equal to that order is received by merchant in their account.
  • Making sure that the transaction can be declared void or refunded successfully.
  • Confirming is transaction process is immediately being recorded to customer’s bank account.

How to Obtain American Express Test Card Numbers 2023?

American Express or Amex is one of the most used credit card type, especially within United States. Merchant website that has target customer in this region will require American Express test card numbers 2023 during the integration stage.

There are several websites that allow developer to get these numbers. They come free of charge. Here are some of those platforms.

PayPal’s Credit Card Generator

PayPal’s Credit Card Generator
PayPal’s Credit Card Generator

PayPal is a widely used payment processing service. It operates worldwide and has many attractive features. This payment has credit card generator that can come up with test card numbers to be used for testing purpose. Here are the steps to operate this generator.

  • Visit PayPal’s website that is designed for developers at
  • Log into PayPal account using email address and password.
  • Go to “Dashboard”.
  • Select “Mock”.
  • Head immediately to “Credit Card Generator”.
  • Select “American Express” as the credit card that user wants to generate. This tool does not generate CVV but Amex card usually has 4-digit CVV, so 1234 will suffice.
  • Tap on “Generate CC”.

Get Credit Card Numbers

Get Credit Card Numbers
Get Credit Card Numbers

This is one of many online test card generators that can produce American Express test card numbers 2023. It has friendly user interface that makes it easy for user to navigate through the site. This website also enables user to generate multiple Amex card numbers at a time. Go through these steps to use this generator.

  • Go to the online generator’s website at
  • Select on dropdown menu named “Credit Cards”.
  • Click on “American Express”.
  • Under “Resulting credit card number”, you will find an Amex card numbers that can be used for integration testing.
  • To get another credit card number, simply click on green button named “Generate new number”.

BlueSnap Help & Support

BlueSnap Help & Support
BlueSnap Help & Support

BlueSnap is a payment gateway service that is rising these days. It aims to give better support for customers by providing lengthy resources during developmental stage of e-commerce website. As an example, it provides card numbers for testing. Follow this method to get test card numbers from its support website.

  • Visit Help & Support website’s documents at
  • Under section named “Reference”, user can see “Test Card Numbers” link. Click on it.
  • Find test credit card numbers for American Express in the list. There is no security code written for the card so when the sandbox environment ask, developer can simply enter random digit (4-digit) into the available space.

Get Credit Card Info

Get Credit Card Info
Get Credit Card Info

This is also an online generator that is not affiliated with any payment gateway for networks. The way to utilize it is very simple.

  • Go to the website at
  • Go to dropdown menu “Credit Card Generator”.
  • Select “American Express”.
  • Tap on green button named “Generate”.
  • The valid test card number will be generated. This generator is great because it also adds detailed information such as name, expiry date, fictive address, and CVV.

Simplify Commerce

American Express Test Card Numbers 2023: Simplify Commerce
American Express Test Card Numbers 2023: Simplify Commerce

This website is a popular payment gateway that also provides American Express test card numbers 2023. Those who do not employ this payment gateway service in their websites can also utilize this tool, though. Check the following steps to navigate its site to get test cards.

  • Go to the Simplify Commerce’s website at
  • Click on a link named “Developers” which is located near the website’s logo.
  • Go to a dropdown menu named “Testing”.
  • Click on “Test Card Numbers”.
  • Scroll through the webpage until user can find card numbers for American Express. These numbers always get approved for payments and refunds within the testing environment.

Conclusion on American Express Test Card Numbers 2023

There are several things that user should be mindful about related to credit card numbers that can be found through those platforms.

Those credit card numbers will be deemed as valid by the system because they are generated based on MOD 10 algorithm that is also used by payment gateway to validate credit card.

However, these numbers cannot be used for transactions outside of sandbox environment. It cannot be utilized to make real purchase because system will declare the transaction as fraudulent.

To business owner and developer at the stage of building e-commerce website, American Express test card numbers 2023 can be very important. This knowledge should help you immensely during the process.

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