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by Sean B.

100+ Best Free Proxy Server List 2023 (Free Proxy Sites) - If you want to surf the internet incognito you would need the free proxy server list 2023. These proxy servers can hide your identity when you are surfing the web. Using these free proxy sites, you will browse from the beginning to the end. The proxy server has the capability of changing your IP address and hiding your identity. You achieve it by channeling your data through their servers. Once your data is received the information is changed to a fake one and transmitted to the World Wide Web. Because of this capability, many people surf the net using proxy servers.

Best Free Proxy Server List 2023

Proxy servers have the capability of allowing the user to access blocked websites. Some websites, because of country restrictions are inaccessible. However, using a proxy server comes in handy. You can access blocked websites safely and with ease. You will rest assured that your information is safe and that no one listens to your traffic.

What a proxy server does is that it replaces your IP address with a fake one thus disguising you. Due to internet security in the 21st century these proxy servers has become a common thing.

Best List of Free Proxy Web Servers 2023

Many proxy servers are available out there on the internet. The fake IP address provided by proxy servers makes it hard for anyone to track your online activities. Due to this safety feature, hackers find it difficult to access your information since you will be browsing under a false IP address; hence your location will be impossible to find. Below includes the finest and most common free proxy servers for free in 2023.

1. HideMyAss - Site Link


HideMyAss is among the best VPN servers worldwide. Hide my ass access blocked websites on the internet. It can bypass the encryption on these websites while keeping the IP address anonymous at the same time.

Hide my ass proxy server can hide adverts. Most advertising agencies take advantage of the unsuspected surfers by viewing their traffic and charging them even more for their subscription. They know what you love most and hence what you can pay more to watch or use. The pop-up ads cannot be able to recognize the location or the IP address of the browser; thus you can browse in peace. Hide my ass proxy server is safe and easy to use.

2. 4everproxy - Site Link


4everproxy is used for surfing the internet especially when you want to watch videos. 4ever proxy also gives a user the option to hide his location by selecting some of the offered IP locations. You can surf the internet when incognito. SSL service is also available. You can bypass the filtered content and still protect yourself from snoopy traffic listeners on the internet. The incredible thing is that if you need to watch a video from any site, you do not have to sign in. How cool is that? This proxy server can bypass blocked videos.

4ever proxy has high internet speed since the bandwidth is unlimited. You can watch your videos peacefully without the need for buffering. The security features of 4everproxy are above board. The proxy server deletes the recorded browsing sessions. The removal happens once in every hour making sure that no track of anyone is left.

3. AnonyMouse - Site Link


It is among the earliest proxy servers there is. Anonymous can be used effortlessly due to its simplicity and straight forward directions. You need to put in the web address in the address bar, and that's it. This user interface is as simple as it can get. It is also important to note that this proxy server has a free and a paid version. The paid version has more advanced features.

The paid version, of course, has full features than the paid version. The free version offers you the feature of surfing the internet undetected which is the essential part. Moreover, the free version has features such as access to restricted websites and the ability to download large files. Because of this free features, the proxy server is on the list of the best free proxy servers of 2023.

4. ProxySite - Site Link


Proxysite offersVPN premium. You can browse internet incognito. Your IP address and identity remain anonymous. Access to restricted websites and faster internet speeds are some of the fantastic features of proxisite.com the proxy server allows you to enter blocked social media site such as Reddit, Facebook, and YouTube without revealing any information about your location or IP address. It is advantageous for people who live in countries where the government controls social media. The SSL encryptions enable the user to browse using many proxy servers across USA and Europe.

5. whoer.net - Site Link


When surfing it is better to be anonymous, that is why most people prefer whoer.net. Whoer.net hides your real IP address and changes it with theirs. Whoer.net is unique because it is capable of checking the response time of the server and also your internet connection speed.

Your location will also not be traceable because of being changed into several locations. Whoer.net turns the internet connection location into European countries such as the UK, France, Russia, Sweden, and the Netherlands. However, one downside is the inability o removing the pop-up ads.

6. hide.me - Site Link


Hide.me is among the best proxy site in 2023 list. The site hides your identity while surfing the internet. You have no worries about snoopy traffic listeners. The proxy server hides your IP address and location. Your database is safer with Hide.me. Browsing incognito is the best way to make sure that your data is safe.

Hide.me proxy server prevents adverts from popping up on your screen. These adverts can be disturbing and irritating. However one of the reasons why this is among the most sought after proxy servers is the fact that it can prevent malicious ads from popping up. You browse in peace. Hide.me is professional and fast. It is also easier to use. There is also a plan for payment to access the full features of this proxy server despite the free membership program. You can also change the location to Germany, Netherlands or USA.

7. Kproxy - Site Link


Kproxy is the most excellent one among the proxy servers. Kproxy has the most amazing features that enable the user to browse with ease and assurance that his details are protected. There are no ads in the proxy. It is a feature that makes you surf anonymously on the internet. The proxy server is available to Mozilla and Chrome as an extension free of charge.

Due to the availability of ten servers Kproxy allows you to switch between servers hiding your identity even more. Your IP address stays more hidden, and thus you can spend more time browsing the internet.

8. BlewPass - Site Link


Despite being mentioned last, Blewpass is the best option for users that want to browse incognito. Just like the rest of the proxy servers, it allows the clients to hide the IP address and also have multiple locations. One can change from one server to the next without being noticed. The browser can be able to control cookies as well as the encryption of the web page.

Blew Pass can bypass the blocked websites and can even unblock videos in sites such as YouTube. You can watch videos without having to give out your identity. The proxy server uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to seal tight your data.

Other Best Free Web Proxy Server List 2023

Proxy Site NameWeb Proxy URL
Travel VPNhttp://travelvpn.info
Proxy Call MeNameshttp://proxmecallmenames.com
Host Apphttp://hostapp.eu
Fun Proxyhttps://funproxy.net
Xite Nowhttp://xitenow.com
VPN Browsehttp://vpnbrowse.com
Web Proxy Freehttp://webproxyfree.net
Can’t Block Thishttp://cantblockthis.org
Hide The Internethttp://hidetheinternet.com
Greatest Free Proxyhttp://greatestfreeproxy.com
Free Proxy Serverhttp://freeproxyserver.uk
Unblock My Webhttp://www.unblockmyweb.com/
Proxy 4 Freedomhttp://proxy4freedom.com
PRO Unblockhttp://pro-unblock.com
Working Proxyhttp://workingproxy.net
Star Doll Proxyhttp://stardollproxy.com
HideMyAss UKhttp://hidemyass.co.uk
WebSurf Proxyhttp://websurfproxy.me
Fish Proxyhttp://fishproxy.com
Proxy 2014http://proxy2014.net
Unblock YouTube Freehttp://unblockyoutubefree.net
Free YouTubehttp://freeyoutube.net
HideOnline Proxyhttp://freeyoutube.net
Fast USA Proxyhttp://fastusaproxy.com
YouTube Free Proxyhttp://youtubefreeproxy.net
Don’t Filterhttp://www.dontfilter.us/
New Ip Nowhttp://newipnow.com/
To Proxyhttp://toproxy.co
Working Proxyhttp://workingproxy.net
Free Open Proxyhttp://freeopenproxy.com
Hiding Your Infohttp://hidingyour.info
Saoudi Proxyhttp://saoudiproxy.info
Proxy Browsehttp://proxybrowse.info
Proxy Internethttp://proxy-internet.info
Jezus Loves This Proxyhttp://jezuslovesthisproxy.info
German Proxyhttp://german-proxy.info
CA Proxieshttp://caproxies.info
Ninja Clockhttp://ninjacloak.com/
Singapore Proxyhttp://singaporeproxy.nu
PRO Internhttp://prointern.info
Brazil Proxyhttp://brazilproxy.info
London Proxyhttp://londonproxy.eu
Kr Proxyhttp://krproxy.info
Justun Block IThttp://justunblockit.com
Network ByPasshttp://networkbypass.com
DZ Hothttp://dzhot.us
Canada Proxyhttp://canadaproxy.info
US Proxyhttp://usproxies.info
US Proxyhttp://usproxy.nu
You Liaorenhttp://youliaoren.com
YouTube Unblock Proxyhttp://youtubeunblockproxy.com
Unblock YouTube Beat Schoolhttp://unblockyoutubeatschool.com
Free YouProxyTubehttp://freeyouproxytube.com
The Best Proxyhttp://thebestproxy.info
Just Proxyhttp://justproxy.co.uk
Proxy 2015http://proxy-2015.info
FB Proxieshttp://fbproxies.info
America Proxyhttp://americaproxy.info
PK Proxyhttp://pkproxy.info
Suede Proxyhttp://suedeproxy.info
Go Proxyhttp://goproxy.asia
Proxy Thishttp://proxythis.info
Me Hidehttp://mehide.asia
kProxy Sitehttp://kproxysite.com
Fast Timehttp://fasttime.info
Work Hosthttp://workhost.eu
Hidden Digitalhttp://hiddendigital.info
Surf For Freehttp://surf-for-free.com
Intern Cloudhttp://interncloud.info
Zacebook PKhttp://zacebookpk.com
Rapid Proxyhttp://rapidproxy.us

The above proxy servers are among the best in 2023. These servers will give you maximum protection from potential hacking of your information. The proxy servers enhance your security level by using multiple IP addresses and different proxies.

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