Best PutLocker Alternatives in 2023

by Sean B.

After a long hectic day, one of the best ways to relax is by watching a movie. While finding a movie to watch, you may download or stream movies from the internet. Both downloading and streaming method has its advantages.

Reasons for Websites like PutLocker in 2023

Downloading let you keep the downloaded video on your local device, and once downloaded, it is independent of internet connection on your device. Streaming , on the other hand, has its benefits too; one, you do not need storage space, and streaming movies is independent of device type; whether PC, tablets, etc. When you download a movie onto a device, you will always have access to such a device before you can watch your movie. Movie streaming sites act as your movie library, which you can access anytime, irrespective of where you are in the world, as long as an internet connection is available.

PutLocker is one of the most popular online movie streaming websites; the site is so popular to the extent that it became targets of ISP for blocking. Some users of this website have a problem accessing it from their countries, and users from such countries have to find a way around the restriction. PutLocker movies library resides on the server, though not all the time but this server goes down sometimes. So, either PutLocker is not accessible from your location, or you experience the downtime of PutLocker’s server, it is better you already know the best alternatives to PutLocker movie streaming website. Though you might not need them now, you don’t know when you will.

Disclaimer for Browsing PutLocker Website and its Alternatives in 2023

Before you start exploring the streaming websites that will be reviewed here, some of them dof eature illegal contents for users to stream. You should be informed that streaming illegal or pirated contents is a punishable crime in some countries (e.g., United States). We are only reviewing these websites because they are reliable, and they have amazing collections of movies to stream. We won’t know when any of these websites will upload pirated contents to their server. Right now the sites are only on the list because materials found on them are legal. Therefore, we are not liable for any law broken either by these website owners or by you as a user.

List of Best PutLocker Alternatives in 2023

However, if you prefer to access streaming websites anonymously, we will teach you how to stream movies with Virtual Private Networks (VPN) later in this article. Stay tuned!

1.  PopcornFlix - Alternative Site


Popcorn portrays something delicious and relaxing, and most film freaks believe that watching a great movie without popcorn is incomplete. Whichever way this streaming website derived its name, it suits enjoyable movie settings. PopcornFlix is a movie streaming website where you can stream as many movies as your time permits, and even without paying a dime. The goal of the site is for users around the world have access to high-quality movies for streaming. The website does not require registration, and you can also download movies to your local storage. PopcornFlix has a long list of movie categories and groups; you can always find catalog at the left section of every page on PopcornFlix website. Popular categories include:

· 2018 movies

· 2023 movies

· Action movies

· Horror movies

· Sci-fi movies, etc.

Streaming or downloading movies on PopcornFlix website is as easy as clicking the movie you want, and the wait for the next page to load. Then you will see the “Watch online” button at the top of the page, or the “download now” button somewhere down the page. You can access the PopcornFlix website via the alternative heading.

2. 123Movies - Site


Remember, we talked about legality earlier in this article. Well, if you are so worried about breaking copyright law, then this is one of the recommended streaming websites for you. What affirms 123Movies legality is that the site does not host its contents; instead, the contents are uploaded by some non-affiliated third parties. And the management of 123Movies makes sure that the contents these third parties have purchased the right to upload such contents. So basically, 123Movies is like a search engine for copyrighted movies.

123Movies is one of the streaming websites that offer excellent user experience; the website design is neat and modern. Movies are well organized, and the search box can scrape hundreds of external legal sources for movies that match the search keyword. You will also find a lot of cartoon and anime contents on the website. 123Movies categorizes contents by:

· Genres

· Country of production

· Year of production

· Asian Drama

· Anime

· Cartoon

· And TV Series

Furthermore, you have more sections to browse on the homepage such as:

· Latest Movies in theatres

· Recently added movies

· Recently added TV series

· Recently added anime series

· Recently added cartoon movies

· And last but not the least recently added Asian drama.

123movies does not require signing up or subscription. You can access 123movies via this URL.

3. Crackle - Alternative URL


Crackle is a streaming website to visit when you want to stream 100% legal content. Sony owns Crackle, so the site has all it needs to host purely legal contents. Crackle has a license for every movie or series you will find in its library, and the movies are of high-definition quality. Crackle features a clean and straightforward interface. You can download Crackle app on PlayStore or Appstore for IOS. Or access the Crackle website via the heading.

4. FMovies - Alternative WebSite


Talking about a visually appealing interface; FMovies holds the ace. The site’s interface is sleek and modern. FMovies features a black background and with white and sky blue foreground. Movies are arranged in grid styles with their display pictures and title in bold fonts. However, what FMovies has in appearance, it lacks in efficiency. Fmovies is popular and accessible around the world. Thus FMoviez server tends to be overloaded by millions of users. You may encounter slow connection or lagging videos sometimes, but you can always bypass this by using mirror/proxy servers. Use search engines like Google to search for “FMovies mirrors” or “FMovies proxies”. FMovies contents are grouped according to:

· Genre

· Country of production

· A-Z list

· Released date

· Most watched

You can also request for a movie that is not already on FMovies server, and it will be uploaded within 48 hours. Access FMovies website.

5.  WatchTVSeries - Alternative


WatchTVSeries does precisely what it says; while other streaming websites are focusing on movies, animes, dramas, and so on. WatchTVSeries focuses on series. Thus, WatchTVSeries is one of the most reliable sources for TV series. The site’s movie library spans across many categories, and the contents are curated from multiple legal contact provider such as:







· FX, and so on.

This website is the perfect website to satisfy your thirst for movie streaming. You will never run out of play button to hit. All contents here are of the highest quality, and you need not register before you can start streaming. The interface design is outstanding, too; you can access WatchTVSeries via And you can also access the site through mirrors.

6.  ShowBox - Alternative Link


If you want to stream movies on the go, ShowBox is the app for you. ShowBox does not have a website interface where you can visit and stream. Instead, apps are made available for various platforms. You can download ShowBox for PC and Android. However, before you cannot use ShowBox directly on your Android device. Google PlayStore does not support Showbox, so you have to sideload it.

ShowBox features a variety of categories, and the interface is user-friendly. Download ShowBox for Microsoft Windows and download for Android APK.

7.  RainerLand - Alternative URL


The name may seem strange and incomprehensible, but know that Rainerland a provider of excellent movie collections. From the movies to the site interface and streaming experience, everything is topnotch. Rainerland features great movies and series. For series, you will see the latest episodes of trending series on the left section of the homepage. And the video quality is great too. If you are a fan of the cinema, the cinema section of Rainer should be your favorite destination, here you will find a vast collection of movies with outstanding quality and cinematic effects. Rainerland categorized its contents into Movies, TV Shows and TV episodes. You can access RainerLand

8.  PrimeWire - Alternative Site


The world has always been made up of two sides; Ying and Yang, positive and negative, advantage and disadvantage. The downside of Primwire is its unattractive and outdated interface. The website has been around for a while, and its interface must have been one of the best interface when it was created. Design is dynamic, but it seems PrimeWire administrators don’t feel that. However, since seeing a beautiful interface is not your purpose of visiting the website, you will find a lot of excellent contents here that compensates for the site’s appearance. PrimeWire movie library is packed full of contents from different movie industries. Whether you want to stream Hollywood or Bollywood, you will always have lots to stream.

PrimeWire provides three quality options for every movie you want to stream on the website. You can choose low quality, medium quality, or high quality. With this feature, you shouldn’t be scared of consuming much data as you can choose low or medium quality. You need to register an account before you can start streaming on PrimeWire;

9.  SolarMovies - Alternative Site


This list will be incomplete without SolarMovies, movie freaks would know. The site is one of the biggest movie streaming websites in the entire world. SolarMovies can boast of tens of thousands of movie counts; It is almost impossible to stream every movie in SolarMovies library. On your visit to SolarMovies homepage, you will be welcomed with suggestions based on what people are watching. If you can scroll down a little bit, you will see the latest collection of movies released recently.

The interface design is fascinating and efficient; you can find the main categories at the top of the web page and more detailed categories at the bottom of the page.

SolarMovies categorized its contents majorly by:

· genre

· country of production

· type (movies or series)

· and the top rated (top rated).

These categories are further divided into sub-sections which you can find at the bottom of every page as said earlier. It is not necessary for you to create an account before you can stream on SolarMovies, but having an account gives you more privileges like :

Request for a movie that is not in the library

Create your favorite list of movies to stream later

or recommend to a friend, etc.

Streaming movies on SolarMovies is free, and you can access the website in the title

10.  LosMovies - Site


LosMovies is a minimalistic movie streaming website; the design is simple, and its functionality is easy to utilize. You can quickly sort movies by genre and by the character starting the title of the movie you want to stream. The search box is also efficient; with it, you can find movies faster with relevant keywords. LosMovies library is extensive, and we cannot even say the number of movies in there, you will have to find out by yourself. You can access LosMovies with this link

Watching PutLocker Alternatives with VPN

Streaming movies with VPN has many advantages:

1. You can stream anonymously; the site’s server will not be able to see your identity. And this is also useful while streaming from Illegal sites. This will prevent ISP, government, etc. from monitor your browsing data.

2. Go around restriction; some streaming websites, Crackle, for example, restrict users from some specific countries, you can bypass restrictions with VPN.

3. Less data; some of these VPN has been configured with fast and reliable mirrors to reduce the amount of data being consumed while streaming online.

These apps are well designed with simple UI, and using them should be easy for every person that can read and interpret English. Majority of VPN comes with a list of locations which you can choose one from and the connect button that connects your device to the VPN server.

Conclusion of Best Alternatives to PutLocker in 2023

Watching movies online is one of the best ways to relax, and it is as entertaining as watching movies downloaded to your local disk. Never have an excuse for not streaming your favorite movie while PutLocker is down, this above are alternatives you can quickly switch to when the need arises.

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