10 Best Kodi Live TV add-ons For Streaming Live Channels in 2023

by Sean B.

Kodi is a software application for streaming online.It was developed in 2004 by a non-profit technology consortium called XBMC Foundation. It is an open-source software meaning its services are for free.

Why Looking for Best Kodi Live TV addons?

Kodi has gained popularity mainly because of its versatility and the fact it is one of the best media players there is. To use Kodi, you would require third-party Kodi add-ons to enable your streaming media from the internet which also translates to allowing you stream media from around the world.

With the ever-increasing costs of cable TV, more people are engaging in cord cutting (forgoing cable TV subscription for an internet or wireless based option). With Kodi, you can ditch your cable TV for good. It feels good to have a bill you don’t have to pay anymore right?

There are so many Kodi add-ons and new ones are coming up every day. Knowing the best add-ons for you to use is important. Users do not trust a lot of Kodi because of the servers they are hosted on. Some servers could be irregular and unpredictable. Even with so many add-ons coming up, a lot of them go under in no time so it is good to keep abreast of the reliable ones.

How to Get Around Kodi Live TV addons

We Recommend using a Virtual Private Network, VPN

To make sure you are safe while using Kodi add-ons, it is advised that you use them with a VPN. This is why:

● Some Kodi add-ons are illegal so it is not safe to use without a VPN

Most people fall into the trap of downloading illegal add-ons because they usually have more media options to choose from compared to the legal Kodi add-ons. This is because the illegal ones provide a lot of copyrighted content. If you access all these without a VPN your Internet Service Provider observes what you stream and can give the information to the government when the need arises. No one wants trouble from the government so your ISP is more than likely to protect itself first by handing your information to whoever needs it.

● Go around location restrictions

Some add-ons can only work in particular locations. To bypass these restrictions, one would need a VPN. Some add-ons that have geo-location restrictions are Hulu, IceFilms, BBC Player and so on.

Free List of Best Kodi Live TV addons in 2023

Let us throw some light to the best Kodi add-ons for you to enjoy TV live streams from all over the world. If you're into movies, check out our online free movies list for the best compilation of movie sites ever.

Monster Munch - Addon Link

Monster Munch offers a variety of content. There is something for everyone. Whether you need it for a toddler, child, teenager, adult or senior citizen; it does not matter. The versatility of this Kodi add-on is what we live for. You can find TV shows, movies, cartoons and others on there.

You can find TV channels by country of origin as there is a list available for you to choose from. We would not go without saying that the add-on is easy to use at all and the links that are provided are usually always working.

It is safe to say that Monster Munch is a good place to start when looking for a Kodi add-on.

It can be downloaded from a Kodi repository at http://steptoesplace.net/repo.

Deceit - Addon Link

Don’t worry the site isn’t for lying (pun intended). This add-on is not new. It has been existing for a while and during this time, the developers have changed from time to time. Each time there was a new developer something new was added. Everyone wants to make their mark.

This add-on brings a lot of things to the table. It features a wide variety of content ranging from TV shows, movies, sports and almost anything you can imagine. In fact, there is a section named Live TV which is awesome for watching live tv channels These channels are grouped based on their country of origin to make finding a particular channel easy. Here, you find various content providers for you to choose from. You can’t run out of what to watch on Deceit. Our favorite content provider is Swift-Streamz because of its variety.

Most of the channels are working but if you get an error message stating ‘failed to install a dependency’, all you need to do is install that dependency to stream on that particularchannel.

The repository called OneNation is where you can get the latest version of this add-on at http://onenation.info/Repo

USTVNow - Addon Link


From the name you would know that this Kodi add-on is for American TV shows, movies and other media content. With this, you can conveniently say bye-bye to your cable TV and save more money.

You need to register an account with USTVNow though to pass the authentication step. There is a free plan to enable you test it out before you subscribe for it.

With the subscription you have access to about 28 channels aired on American satellites. Some of the channels are ESPN, Fox News, History and so on. Without the paid subscription there are 6 free channels available to you

BBC iPlayer - Addon Link

BBC iPlayer
BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is also known as iPlayer WWW. According to Wikipedia BBC iPlayer is an internet streaming, catchup, television and radio service from the BBC. The kodi add-on can give you personalised recommendations and allows you to follow your favorite programs online for the following 30 days without recording them.

This add-on is strictly for UK residents and the only way to go around that is by using a virtual private network that provides you with an IP address from UK or purchasing a UK TV licence.

BBC player is available for free or through paid subscription. This add-on is perfect for you if you have shows you can only find on BBC. The fact that you do not have to record content for the next 30 days is also a plus.

cCloud TV - Addon Link

cCloud TV
cCloud TV

cCloud TV is another good Kodi add-on. The ‘c’ in c Cloud means community. This add-on represents a community of people who love streaming live TV over the internet.

Many people love cCloud TV because it is free and gives you the opportunity to stream shows or movies from the US and UK. When checking out a particular TV channel, all media content are arranged according to their genre to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Furthermore, there are different servers to stream these live TV channels so cCloud tells you the ones thatare up and running. The link to the Kodi repository where you can install cCloud TV is cCloud TV: https://github.com/kodil/kodil/tree/master/repo/repository.kodil

Chronos - Addon Link

Chronos like the others we have mentioned is a good Kodi add-on to stream Live TV over the internet. Unfortunately, it does not have a very long list of channels to choose from like the others. Howbeit, it still features enough UK and US TV channels to enable you enjoy some movies, TV shows, news, cartoons and so on.

For sports lovers this is an awesome Kodi add-on as it lets its audience watch live sports online.Another thing is that it shows trending content.

It only takes a few minutes to be installed, and it is also easy to use. Here is the link to its repository http://www.skydarks.com/skydarks/

Selfless - Addon Link


This is another awesome Kodi add-on if you want to stream live TV online. Our favourite thing about Selfless add-on is the way everything is arranged in an organised way to make it easier for their audience. Content is categorized according to the genre. The list in a particular genre is also arranged in an alphabetical order. This is great when you already know what you are looking for because it saves time.

You can rely on Selfless because it really represents its name. All the channels are working most of the time. However, if you keep getting an error message saying ‘failed to download a dependency’ you may have to install the SportsDevil add-on as well.

The add-on can be downloaded via http://bliss-tv.com/blisstv/

Star Tech - Addon Link

This Kodi add-on is great because it features a wide range of content. Whether, cartoons, music, movies; you name it; they have it. Even life events, concerts, anime and documentaries are no exception. Another advantage that Star Tech has it that all its channels are available and working most of the time. Installing Star tech isn’t a tedious task as we have the link for you. Keep in mind though that after installing it you have to select Star Tech Live TV to enable you stream live channels from various parts of the world.

This is the linkhttp://gen-tec.co/gentecwiz/

Jupiter IPTV - Addon Link

Jupiter TV features TV channels from the southeastern part of Europe, the Balkan Peninsula. By Balkans we mean countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and other neighbouring countries.

Though the main components of this add-on are from these countries, there is also a section for featuring international content. This section is called World IPTV. Because the World IPTV is just a section does not mean that there are not a lot of channels to choose from. In fact, there are about 1100 channels available for you to watch.

It can be installed at http://kodiadd-ons.com/repo/tojelako/


Yes YouTube! Surprised right? Many TV stations use YouTube for their live streams. it is a free and reliable way to go about it. All you need to do is launch YouTube on Kodi and pick the ‘live’ category after which you can search for TV stations that are streaming on YouTube at that given time.

Conclusion on Best Kodi Live TV addons For Streaming Live Channels in 2023

We have provided you with some of the best Kodi add-ons to stream live online. With time some links may not work because it depends on the server. We hope we have helped you save your money by cord-cutting.

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