How to Verify Paypal Without Credit Card 2023

by Sean B.

How to Verify Paypal Without Credit Card 2023 - When it comes to use Paypal and you don’t have any credit card, you must begin to think about how to verify Paypal without credit card. Is it possible? The answer is exactly yes. All you need to do is to get a link which enables you to verify your Paypal without using a credit card.

Don’t tell me that you haven’t known yet about Paypal and how to verify it as well as what it is for. S let me tell you briefly about it before we go to the main ideas. As you know that the businesses which are growing up overseas certainly need particular way of doing transaction, Paypal is the right way of payment they use most.

How to Verify Paypal Without Credit Card 2023

How to Verify Paypal Without Credit Card 2023
How to Verify Paypal Without Credit Card 2023

Thus, Paypal is a means of online payment used for online transaction all over the world. Paypal is widely used and becomes the most popular way of paying toward the acts of transaction.

It provides an easy way and a fast payment without the need to go to the bank every time you are purchasing something or receiving money from purchasing.

When it has become clear for you about what Paypal is, thus, on this page, I am going to share you How to Verify Paypal Without Credit Card 2018. Those are by using Virtual Credit Card or you called it and by linking the bank account.

These two ways or tips come actually as the solution if you don’t have any credit card to register, verify and activate Paypal. Since it is widely known that one of the requirement of Paypal registration and verification is having a credit card, the question is; what if you don’t have a credit card? Refer simply down here.

Paypal Verification Using Bank Account

One of the common ways to verify Paypal is to link the credit card to the account of Paypal. However, not everyone has a credit card although the bank account is available. For this reason, you may face a problem when you want to verify Paypal account.

No worry. It’s not a big deal. You can still be able How to Verify Paypal Without Credit Card 2018 account by linking to your bank account. Thus, you need to make yourself sure that you remember your bank account. You can use it as well as maximize it.

The detail steps of how to verify Paypal without credit card, which is using bank account, are as follows:

Create your account

  • The first thing you can do to start the Paypal is to create your account of Paypal. You can simply register by going to Paypal and sign up. Click “Get Started” in the Paypal page which is available and appearing on your screen. This is actually aimed for business and nonprofits box.
  • Paypal will offer you three business accounts. The standard plan is free and allows you to accept Paypal and payment which using credit card on the websites. Click “Get Started”. If the words are not available on the page, try t search “Apply Now” and click it.
  • As the next step, find and click “Create a New Account” button to open the registration form. You can do this by clicking “Create A New Account” twice.
  • Choose your business type as required. You may choose individual or partnership.
  • Type your email address and password in the available column. Only the 20 characters long password will be approved by Paypal. So make sure that you have prepared your password in 20 characters long.
  • Choose the security question and answer which are going to use to help you access the Paypal account when you forget the password.
  • Type the code shown on the page at the column “Enter the code” and click “continue”.
  • Type your name you want to use on the pages of customer payment. You can also you your business name to make you easy well-known.
  • Type the date you started your business. If you have a business website which means a website of your business, enter the URL in the website URL column.
  • Choose the business category you have or you can also type the sold items.
  • There will be some questions about your average transaction mount and the volume of monthly payment.
  • Fill in your name, phone number and physical address. Then, click “Agree and continue” to create your account.
  • Open your email and find the Paypal email sent to you. Click the link provided and confirm your account.
  • Your account is ready to use

Now that you have already had a Paypal account, you can use it as online transaction overseas. However, to activate the account in order to use it, it needs verification that requires usually a credit card. The problem is; what if you are in condition that you can’t create a credit card? Can you do something for solution? Check out the following coming up explanation.

The next you can do as the step How to Verify Paypal Without Credit Card 2023 is to link your bank account. To link your bank account, you still need to stay on the Paypal website. The steps are as follows:

  • Look at the page and find email and password field. Fill in your email address and password. After that, click “Log in”.
  • Go to “Profile” located at the top page and click “Update Bank Account”.
  • Choose your account type like the checking and savings. Then, type the number of your bank account as well as the 9-digit routing number in the proper page. Since a bank account number usually consists of 17 digits long, find the routing number positioned on the left side and find the account number which is printed on the right side.
  • Click “Continue” to link to your account of Paypal.
  • Finally, you have activated and verified your Paypal account with the bank account which means you don’t need any credit card.

Now that you have succeeded to verify your Paypal by linking to your bank account, you may share this useful information for other people who seems looking for the same information. In the case of Paypal verification, there will always be a solution How to Verify Paypal Without Credit Card 2023.

Although you have already a bank account, you may not need to have credit card, that’s why you might not order your credit card. You can still use your bank account to verify your Paypal account.

Paypal Verification Using Virtual Credit Card

Paypal Verification Using Virtual Credit Card
Paypal Verification Using Virtual Credit Card

The second way of How to Verify Paypal Without Credit Card 2023 is using virtual credit card or you call it VCC. Virtual credit card is a virtual card replacing your physic credit card. Virtual credit card plays an important role to support your payment via Paypal. For example, when you need to have online transaction either for purchasing or for being purchased, you use Paypal. However, you still need VCC as one of the requirements to make and change your payment into cash..

The following explanation belongs to how to get a virtual card based on the trusted source to be used for Paypal verification.

Register an E-Coin Account

Go and open E-Coin websites, search the word “sign up” and click it. Type your email address and the password as required in the column. You will soon receive an activation email containing a link o your Paypal account. Click the link given in the email to open your account.

You can do this way along with your mobile phone, so don’t worry too much.

Get a virtual card

When you are on the registration, you will see an icon of bitcoin wallet. To get the virtual card, you have to transfer several bitcoin into your bitcoin wallet. To Verify Paypal Without Credit Card 2023, you will need at least USD6 worth of bitcoins in your wallet. Thus, make sure you have enough bitcoins if you want to succeed Paypal verification. How can you get bitcoin anyway? You can derive bitcoin which is issued by E-Coin through your Paypal account.

When you are ready to transfer your bitcoin for the purpose of Paypal verification, follow the steps below:

  • Find the words “View Addree” and click it to generate the bitcoin address.
  • After the arrival of the bitcoin, you may select “request new card” to order your card.
  • There will be options of currency. Select one that you want and select “Virtual”. Fill in your name, date of birth and address.
  • Make a payment of $3 bitcoin for the card. This means that you are purchasing the card using your bitcoins.
  • Wait for the email sent to you containing your virtual card.
  • Add some funds into your virtual credit card by clicking “Load card” to convert bitcoin to your currency of the card.
  • Click “Submit” along with the insertion of amount which is at least $3.
  • Now you have had money in your virtual credit card that you can use to link the virtual credit card to Verify Paypal Without Credit Card 2018 account.

Link the virtual credit card to Paypal
Link the virtual credit card to Paypal

Now that you have already had your virtual credit card with the sum of money inside, you will be able to verify your Paypal using that card by linking the virtual credit card to your Paypal. Follow these directions:

  • Log in to your Paypal account and directly click “Add a Card ≥ Add Another Card”.
  • Type you name, your E-Coin card information and your address. In this case, you must use the information from your virtual card, not the plastic card.
  • Click “Add Card” for the next direction.
  • There will be a request from Paypal about to confirm your new card. Just tap “Confirm my card”.
  • Paypal starts doing transactions to verify your card.
  • Now you will be required to enter the code of Paypal. For this purpose, go to your E-Coin account. When you see 4-digit code from Paypal, note it and keep it.
  • Direct back to your Paypal account and type or insert the 4-digit code you have noted.
  • Now your E-Coin linked to your Paypal account.

Now that you know How to Verify Paypal Without Credit Card 2023, you must not worry if you want to make overseas online transaction. As long as you have followed all the suggested steps given, you will find a way to verify your Paypal although you don’t have a credit card. Although you have to spend a bit for purchasing bitcoin, I think it is not a big deal as long as you can succeed Your Paypal verification without a credit card.

All you need to do after activating your Paypal is to use it fully. This is how you can use Paypal for your overseas online transaction to develop your business widely over the world. Thus, it is very important to Verify Paypal Without Credit Card 2023 as soon as possible.

Conclusion From How to Verify Paypal Without Credit Card 2023

Conclusively, from the two amazing ways of How to Verify Paypal Without Credit Card 2023, let’s derive final words as the suggested ways are very easy to follow. Although both of the two ways requires so many steps to carry out, it is pretty easy just to find and tapping your finger.

To make sure that all the steps or procedures work well, you must read carefully and apply it confidently. The most important thing to remember about the first step (Paypal verification using bank account) is your bank account number. It is so because you are going to use it to verify your Paypal. Meanwhile, the second step requires you to create a virtual credit card which is usually in charge. It means you must pay for the VCC.

Thus, to my mind, although the both ways of How to Verify Paypal Without Credit Card 2023 has their own steps along with each requirement, I suggest that you prefer the first one that is linking to your bank account. This way, you don’t have to create any account anymore or other similar account.

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