8 Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers 2023

by Sean B.

8 Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers 2023 - Credit Cards have become something of a necessity in the world of e-commerce. They allow for efficient cashless transactions. Their use has revolutionized payment methods for individuals and organizations. Credit cards use machines that extract cash from banking systems for payments. There are no worries with bank account balance in credit card use. The bank “loans” the amount you pay through your card.

Credit cards have extensions, each with a different purpose. One of these is the Virtual Credit Card. Free Virtual Credit Card Providers have risen in value in 2023. Some Virtual Credit Card Providers are more trustworthy than others. There are 8 Providers that are the Best in 2023.

Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers 2023

Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers 2023
Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers 2023

A Virtual Credit Card or VCC has use in online transactions. Unlike a real credit card, a VCC does not have a physical form. The card functions only for online transactions. It has no use in physical transactions. Most VCCs link to the same account as your real credit card. But there is no link between a real credit card and a VCC.

A Virtual Credit Card is not a necessity to make payments. The purpose of the VCC is to mask your real credit card details in online transactions. Beyond that, the card does not have much of a use. But this single-purpose card still carries importance in the modern world.

There have been various reports of credit card information theft in 2023. Hackers bypass e-commerce website security and steal credit card details. A Virtual Credit Card protects against your real credit card from potential theft. The VCC information has no value to anyone other than its user. You need not worry about your VCC information leaking out.

A number of banks and commerce businesses generate their own VCCs for users. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. You need to know the Best Virtual Credit Card Providers, 2023, before generating one.

The Advantages of Using Virtual Credit Card

The Advantages of Using Virtual Credit Card
The Advantages of Using Virtual Credit Card

A Virtual Credit Card is different to a real credit card. Its capability and incapability is not the same. The VCC does not work for every online transaction. Furthermore, a single VCC has limitations under certain categories. You cannot use one VCC for as many transactions as you wish. The Expiration Period, The Credit Limit, and the Number of Uses are dissimilar to real cards.

You need to know what you get from a Virtual Credit Card before attaining one. Some Benefits of Using a Virtual Credit Card are:

1. Accepted Everywhere

Virtual Credit Cards are an acceptable method of payment under many e-commerce businesses. Majority of vendors have VCC payment systems. It has become a standard in online transactions. VCCs are a safe way on making worldwide purchases.

An important note is that all online businesses do not accept Virtual Credit Cards. VCCs need a system to process them. The system is not the same as real credit cards. Not all vendors have such a system in place.

But this trouble arises only with purchases over a small online business. Renowned online organizations have Virtual Credit Card Readers. With the advancement in technology, it is only a matter of time before VCCs are acceptable everywhere.

2. Safe Solution

Virtual Credit Cards serve to keep your real credit card safe. It is the primary reason for the existence of the VCC. Using a VCC for online transactions puts you at no risk of someone else using your credit card information.

The details on the Virtual Credit Card are set to your specifications. You are in charge of how and when your VCC works. You can render it inactive at any time during the existence of the VCC. It is a both simple and safe to use. Once your VCC expires, you no longer have to worry about its details. No one can use them on your account.

3. Flexibility on Limit

Virtual Credit Cards have limits in terms of use, much like real credit cards. But VCCs are a lot more versatile with their information. You can specify a Virtual Credit Card’s details at the time of its generation. Everything from the Credit Card’s Credit Limit to the Expiration Date is in your hands.

This is not possible with a real credit card. Your real credit card details are set by the issuing agency. They are not subject to change. But your VCC details are set to your requirements. You can change them in the lifetime of the VCC as well.

4. Exchange Rates

International purchases involve currency exchange rates. It is a hassle since you need a specific currency credit on your credit card to make purchases. For example, you need to pay in USD to make purchases from American e-commerce vendors. To do so, you have to charge your credit card with USD to conduct your business.

Virtual Credit Cards perform this process for you on automatic. You need not worry about the currency of your VCC credit. The VCC system exchanges your credit with the currency you have to pay in. It is a useful feature of the VCC, and it saves time and effort in online transactions.

The Best Virtual Credit Card Providers 2023

All Virtual Credit Card Providers do not have similar benefits. They are all different in their features and capabilities. You must have a purpose to obtaining a VCC. Afterwards, you need to know which Virtual Credit Card Provider matches your requirements.

It is natural that some Virtual Credit Card Providers, 2023, are better than others. Here are 8 of the Best free VCC Providers with their respective benefits:

Entropay - Site Link


Entropay is an online financial business that provides money reception and payment methods. It is one of the largest generators of credit cards. One of its departments is the Free Virtual Credit Card Generator.

The business takes your particulars and designs a Virtual Credit Card with the details. The Entropay Virtual Visa Card is a common utility. A lot of people issue the VCC for online purchases. You can get either a Prepaid VCC or link the VCC to your bank account credit. Both options are reliable VCCs, capable of safe online transactions.

Netspend - Site Link


Netspend is another finance business that provides credit cards. The organization provides a variety of Virtual Credit Cards. These include the Prepaid MasterCardas well as the Visa Debit Card.

Their Virtual Credit Card has all the features of an ideal VCC. Their VCC provision system is free, but they have a commission on every purchase you make. This means they take a small percentage amount on your purchases to fund their service. But their service is excellent and enables you to make online transactions.

Payoneer - Site Link


Payoneer is a global service to pay and receive money. They provide more facilities than credit cards and VCCs. They have their own Debit MasterCards as well as other transaction methods. You can link multiple accounts to your Payoneer account.

Their Virtual Credit Card service involves linking the MasterCard to the VCC. The Virtual Credit Card is free, but the transactions cost a percentage as a commission. Their VCC is acceptable all over the world. Most e-commerce vendors accept payments through their MasterCard and VCC. It is an excellent tool to conduct your business online. Only a few other services rival their worldwide networks.

American Express - Site Link

American Express
American Express

American Express is one of the leading credit card providers in the world. It is yet another finance business that enables payment and reception of money.

The organization provides Free VCCs on top of its credit card service. They provide certain perks that gives them an edge over other similar businesses. American Express has a “reward system” for its credit card use.

The company also has a unique fee structure. They make a major financial cut on accounts per year. But their extra provisions more than make up for it. They have rewards set up for a lot of transaction fields. Its VCC is an effective tool for online payment.

Neteller - Site Link


The Neteller service is one of the safest financial businesses out there. Neteller allows you to receive money from other sources. You can link your account to e-commerce websites for transactions.

Neteller has links to PayPal and Skrill, which is its biggest advantage. It also highlights the credibility of the service. You need only register to the Neteller by provision of your particulars. Afterwards, generate a VCC to your requirements and make as many purchases as you wish to. Their allowance for transactions makes them one of the best VCC providers in 2023.

Bank Freedom - Site Link

Bank Freedom
Bank Freedom

Bank Freedom has a versatile credit card provision system. The banking system is reliable with its services. It has perks that rank it above other such systems.

Bank Freedom custom makes Virtual Credit Cards for its users. Your VCC details are specific to your requirements. The service has a user-friendly policy. They have “No Annual and Closing Costs” and help you in conducting transactions. Their registration process is simple without any harmful policies. Their package variety takes them among the top VCC providers in the world.

CARD.com - Site Link


The CARD.COM is only for U.S. citizens, but their service works on a global level. They provide both the Prepaid Visa and MasterCard.

Their credit cards have links to bank accounts. You can generate a Virtual Credit Card for the same bank account. They have different services for users according to their needs. Each provision has certain financial perks. This makes them a competitive VCC provider in 2023.

Walmart Money Card - Site Link

Walmart Money Card
Walmart Money Card

The Walmart Money Card service is only available in the United States. Their Prepaid Visa and MasterCard’s use is only for purchases in the U.S. region.

But their Prepaid Virtual Credit Cards are free, with no cuts on transactions. The VCC requires no bank account and works the prepaid credit. They have less limitations to the use of their service in comparison. You can pay bills and shop online using the Walmart Money Card.

All these Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers, 2023, have certain perks and limitations. When generating your own VCC, you need to have a clear idea of your requirements. Only choose a VCC Provider once you know it complies with your necessities. This is where the understanding of these providers comes in handy.

Remember: you are in control of your VCC specifications. You do not need to settle for a provider that does not fulfill your demands. You are bound to find a suitable VCC provider among the 8 Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers.

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