10 Best YouTube Downloaders for Android 2023

by Sean B.

YouTube is a Video Sharing Application that came to life in San Bruno, California. The website had humble beginnings; its purpose was to share video content. Today, YouTube is popular all over the world. It is the biggest and best video content website, open to the anyone and everyone. Thousands of videos on various topics are available for free on the application.

Why the Need for an Android Youtube Downloader of 2023

You need an internet connection to stream videos on YouTube. But there are ways to watch YouTube videos offline through the 10 Best YouTube Downloader for Android, 2023.

YouTube enables you to upload your own content and watch others’. You remain updated with all activities around the world through the application. Using the YouTube Downloader for Android, 2023, you get to watch videos on the go.

Free List of Best YouTube Downloader Android Apps?

YouTube Downloader for Android is your way to watch YouTube videos offline. This application is your path to download videos to your system. You can access these videos any time on your Smartphone Storage.

There are a lot of YouTube Downloaders available in the market. They have different features and provide multiple download options. Certain downloaders are harmful to your device. They infiltrate the device as Trojans, and damage the system.

Certain applications are in our best list. They all serve the same purpose: allow you to watch YouTube videos offline. You should choose one to suit your needs. The choice is between the Downloaders:

Videoder as the Best - Downloader Link

Videoder as the Best Android YouTube Downloader for 2023
Videoder as the Best Android YouTube Downloader for 2023

Among YouTube Downloaders for Android, 2023, Videoder is the most versatile. The application is available on both Android, Mac and Windows. It has amazing in-built features for downloading and watching videos. The application is free, which makes it one of the best to use for everyone.

There are many benefits to using Videoder. It detects and lets you download videos from sources other than YouTube. This is one of its many useful functionalities. Other notable features include:

1. Fast Download Speed

Videoder has a smooth functioning on Android devices. The application enables you to download videos at a fast rate. In comparison, it has “Up to 10x Faster Downloading” speeds.

The time to download a video also depends on your internet connection. But the application ensures it does not limit the download rate. It is an excellent tool for quick downloading of videos on the internet.

2. Best Free Converter

Videoder allows you to Save Videos in Audio Formats. The most common audio format is the .mp3 extension. Videoder lets you convert videos to audio and run them on your system.

This function is useful to store videos you only want to listen to. Audio files have a much smaller size, and run through the Audio Player. Android systems come with audio players and require no additional Music Players.

You get to listen to your favorite Music Artists without having to download their videos.

3. Flexible Output Formats and Resolution

One of the prime abilities of Videoder is its Format Conversion. Videos are available in a lot of different formats, like mp4, wmv, flv, etc.

Systems do not support all video formats. Your Android system must have a support system to run a certain video format. It is an arduous task to figure out what video formats your Android system supports. The Videoder Format Conversion comes in handy in such cases.

You can convert the video for download to other formats. These videos save on your storage in the format you specify. Certain formats like .mp4, are common video formats that run on every device. You get to save videos in the common video formats for viewing.

Videoder also have different Video Resolutions for downloads. Higher resolution videos have better quality, but larger file sizes. Video quality goes up to 4K, as long as your video of choice is available in that resolution.

4. Multi Download and Multi Thread

A setback with YouTube Downloaders is that they process only one video at a time. You can only input one video for download. Once the process completes, you can download another video. The manual queueing of videos for download is undesirable.

Videoder solves such issues. You can download complete Playlists off YouTube without having to queue them one after another. This feature of Videoder is “Batch Downloading.” The entire video set starts downloading at the same time.

5. Built-in Browser Plugin

Videoder has its own browser to access the internet. You need not open videos through other browsers or applications.

The Videoder “Inbuilt Browser with Ad Blocker” is your path to download videos. It helps complete the entire process through the Videoder Application. You need not open any other windows on your Android to download and watch videos.

6. Source Control

Videoder is more than a YouTube Downloader for Android, 2023. One can argue it is the most versatile Video Downloader Application.

Videoder allows you to “Download Videos from Over 50 Sites.” These websites include YouTube, Facebook, Hotstar, Voot, and Vk. You can also request a good video provider that does not work with Videoder. The application receives frequent updates and adds new websites to download videos.

Other Recommendations:

Videoder is the number one choice among the Best YouTube Downloader for Android, 2023. But it is not the only YouTube Downloader application for Androids. There are other applications comparable to Videoder for the purpose. All these Downloaders have variable functions. They suit certain users better than Videoder.

Some substitutes for Videoder as a YouTube Downloader are:

TubeMate - YouTube Downloader


TubeMate is another excellent YouTube Downloader for Android, 2023. The Downloader has a User-Friendly Interface to search and download videos.

There are various Video Quality options for download. The application has a smooth functioning on your Android device. This makes the application a Fast Downloader. It also comes with its own Video Player. You get to watch the videos you download through the application itself.

EasyTube - Downloader Link


EasyTube is a great alternative to YouTube. You can stream YouTube videos and playlists on EasyTube. It contains the entire digital library of YouTube videos.

But EasyTube is not only for streaming YouTube videos. You get to download the videos to your Android device through the application. It is a viable substitute to YouTube other than being a YouTube Downloader.

WonTube - Downloader Site


WonTube is like Videoder as a YouTube Downloader. The application has a User-Friendly Interface. This helps search for and download videos simple and easy.

WonTube is another Smooth Running YouTube Downloader. The download process is quick, and it does not limit the speed on downloads. You get to Stream the videos you download on the application. The application is as good as Videoder in its functionality.

Tips for Downloading the Best YouTube Downloader for Android

The Best YouTube Download for Android, 2023, is an amazing tool. Everyone has access to them for installation on their devices. They allow you to watch videos on the go.

There are certain concepts to using YouTube Downloaders. They have unique sources and installation process. It is important to familiarize yourself with the process to use a YouTube Downloader:

1. Security

YouTube Downloaders are not official applications. They are not available on Google Play: The Official Android Application source. YouTube is the application Google approves of for video streaming. They do not allow for other applications that take YouTube’s content.

All the YouTube Downloaders are up on alternate sources. Use these external sources to install a YouTube Downloader on your device.

But there are security concerns with external sources. There are no checks to ensure the safety of the content on these sources. A lot of them induce Malware into your device through the applications they provide. There is a huge risk with downloading content to your device through external websites.

But not every external source has risks. A lot of websites contain reviews from their users. A website with above average reviews is trustworthy. You can take the content they provide on your Android device. There is a lot less risk of their content containing malware programs.

You can never have enough security measures for content from external sources.

2. Permission

The Android Software has protective measures against applications. The device does not run an application it does not recognize. This is the default security setting of an Android device.

There is a process to run such applications on your device. You need to give access to applications to run on the device. This becomes possibleby changing the system settings. By default, your android device will not run applications from sources it does not recognize. Override this setting and allow permission for the application to run.

Doing so will put your device at risk of malware programs. Hence, you must be wise in your choice of external sources. Verify the credibility of a source before downloading content from it.

Some Other Android Video Downloaders for YouTube 2023

App NameUrl
YouTube VancedLink
YouTube DownloaderLink


This reviewewd list allow you to watch videos offline. Streaming videos on platforms like YouTube need an internet connection.

A YouTube Downloader removes this restriction. You can watch and listen to your favorite content by downloading it the device storage. Afterwards, you can run it offline as many times as you wish, without an internet connection.

All theses Youtube apps are viable applications for the purpose. Enjoy your favorites videos and music from YouTube using these great Downloaders.

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