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by Sean B.

Best Sites Similar to 123movies - Streaming is one of the most effective ways to have a fair share of hundred thousands of movies available worldwide, and there are thousands of movie streaming websites, but not all are reliable of providing seamless movie streaming experience to users. Well, some can provide seamless streaming experience but would ask users to subscribe with a lot of money, while the majority that wouldn’t charge users will annoy users with excessive advertisements. Still, thereare selected few that let you enjoy free or relatively cheap movie streaming,these movie streaming websites have none hidden charges, and some of them might not even ask you to sign up before you gain access to their library.

Free List of Best Sites Similar to 123movies

One of such reliable movie streaming site was 123movies, but unfortunately, the site is down and no longer accessible, many other websites have tried to take its place but to no avail, all they offer is interrupted and Ads invested streaming service. But there are some movie streaming websites that is putting in all their efforts to ensure legacies left behind by sites like 123moviesis not lost, 15 of 123movies alternatives will be reviewed below;

1. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Amazon co-operation is not only an online shopping or goods delivery system; they are into many things as well such as entertainments. Amazon prime is a one-stop-shop for books, music and movie entertainments; be it single movies or series, the website also features Animes that is attracting more fans daily. Video quality of movies you will stream from Amazon Prime website is superb, and the site is Ads free.

An advantage of making Amazon Prime your favorite movie streaming website is that you can earn points from other Amazon services and use it to stream movie. Thus you are streaming almost for free. Nonetheless, you can enjoy a free 30-day trial when you sign up for Amazon Prime account, after the expiration of the trial period you will be charged UD$12.99 monthly to enjoy all Amazon Prime has to offer, you are free to cancel the subscription anytime.

2. PureFlix


A futuristic movie streaming website, PureFlix is a wonderful website to stream if you need to see and observe the beauty of movie streaming. PureFlix movie streaming service blends well with the latest browser technologies, and the team behind PureFlix has done a great job that contents provided are of the highest quality.

Aside from movies, series, and TV shows, PureFlix also provide kids, educative, scientific documentary, and other amazing contents that will keep you glued. PureFlix is a premium content streaming website you must pay before you can access its collections. However, PureFlix offers the taste of its service with 1-month free trial; then you can go premium if you are convinced.

3. Fmovies


Fmovies is loved by most users who stream movies around the world; it is free; it does not require registration; it has less pop-up ads (sometimes no pop-up ads at all), multiple streaming servers, what else could be required of the website?

There are many categories to explore on Fmovies website; TV Series, Movies, Cinema Movies, Country, A-Z list, recently released, most watch, and more. Video quality is outstanding and little buffering time is guaranteed, totally at no cost from you.

4. is one of the successful movie streaming websites that goes to the extreme length to emulate the original 123movies website; effort is commendable is replicating the look and feel of the original 123movies website.

Streaming on is free and does not require registration; streaming is as simple as locating the movie you want to stream and click the play button. All movies are in HD quality, and you can explore vast collections from different film industry such as Hollywood and Bollywood.

5. HackIMDB


HackIMDB is not a hacking website, but a movie streaming website that hosts vast collections of top movies around the world. The website features the newest and most popular movies from known film industries, streaming incurs none charges, and you do not need to register an account.

HackIMDB only supports users from 15 countries; you can check if your country is supported on the website. If your country is not supported, you can get around the restriction with the help of VPNs, and you will find free and paid versions when you search on the internet. HackIMDB features pop-up ads, but with browsers like Operamini, you can block ads automatically and enjoy an uninterrupted streaming experience.

HackIMDB provides IMDB info on all movies hosted on the website, such as IMDB rating, release year, duration, cast, producer, etc

6. YoMovies


YoMovies movie streaming service is focused on the Asian film industry; you might not be able tostream much of Hollywood movies from the website, but you will find almost every movie coming out of Asia in YoMovies library; movies created in Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, etc. There are also movies dubbed in Hollywood English on the website, plus free TV shows.

Streaming movies from YoMovies is free of chargeand does not require registration, video quality is excellent and buffering time is swift.

7. YesMovies


YesMovies is another movie streaming website that is very similar to 123movies, the site does not require registration and any form of payment; that is why users across all continents love it. Another characteristic that makes YesMovies lovable is its minimalist design which consumes less data and boosts the buffering time, thus delivering a maximum enjoyable user experience.

Exploring YesMovies library is fun; with the efficient filter function, you can sort the vast collection; Genre, country, year of release, IMDB ranking, and so on. A few ads window will pop up, closing them shouldn’t be too much of a task considering the benefits you are deriving from this website.

8. Vumoo


Vumoo has always boasted of having any movie you want to watch; as long as you know the name of the movie it is on Vumoo site, then you can start streaming it without paying a dime or entering your details anywhere. The website has a few pop-up ads, but it is a promise thatthey will not annoy you.

The filter function on the website is efficient enough to help you find your favorite movies in seconds; with it, you can organize movies according to the year of release, IMDB ranking, the country where the movie is released, and so on. Movies aesthetically arranged in thumbnail style and a click on each thumbnail reveals info about the clicked movie.

9. Cmovies


Cmovies provides high-quality movie streaming service to users in all countries of the world, no restriction. It is one of the movie streaming websites that can serve as an alternative to 123movies. Cmovies curates movies from US, UK, Canada, Asia, Colombia, and all other places that produce international standard movies.

You can choose from servers, check which ones are with fewer users so you can enjoy a smooth streaming experience. Don’t let the few available advertisements ruin your streaming experience, enable the ads-blocking feature your browser.

10. Afdah


Afdah is another movie streaming website alternative to 123movies; it is not very similar to 123movies but offers excellent streaming service at zero costs. The site supports over thirty countries which you can look up. Mobile apps are available for IOS and Android which you can get from their respective application stores.

On Afdah website, movies are arranged by genre such as adventure, action, animation, sci-fi, fantasy, drama, crime, comedy, and so on.


Though being an alternative to 123movies, one the characteristics of that makes it better than 123movies is that you will never find a movie with video quality less than 720P in its library. All movies are eitherin 720P or 1080P qualities, so HD quality is guaranteed on every streamed movies.

If you follow the IMDB ranking quite a lot and you want a sure source to stream movies in the top ranks, then you should always check, most of its collection are uploaded based on IMDB ranking. does not require registration and is free. Aside from the IMDB ranking, you can sort movies based on genres and released year, movie trailers for existing and yet-to-release movies are also available on the website.

12. is a movie streaming website for users crazy about Hindi movies, though the website features a small amount of movies from other industries and languages, over ninety percentages of its collection is Hindi, thus making it a reliable source to stream Hindi movies. The streaming sites feature both the most recently released Hindi films, and the ones released a long time ago. tries to provide movies for streaming as soon as itis released, this is the reason you may find dubbed versions of movies recorded in cinemas, but wait a little longer, and you will find the HD version of the same movie. also provides TV shows and movie series. You need not register to access collections of movies, and you will not be required to pay any amount.

13. Movie4u


Another movie streaming website to see the latest movies from across various countries. Besides movies and TV series, the website also lets users stream popular TV shows from around the world. With video quality and swift buffering time, Movie4u will never disappoint you.

The website design is excellent, and the way movies are sort is outstanding; you can filter movies with the year of release, IMDB ranking, most viewed, trending, and genre. For unknown reasons, Movie4u keep changing domain extensions, and if the link provided here is not working or redirecting you to irrelevant websites, kindly search ‘Movie4u’ with Google or any other efficient search engine, then the working link will be displayed in the search result. Movie4u is free and requires no registration.

14. Bmovies

Bmovies lets users stream movies without registration and subscription, all that is required is to locate the film you want to watch and start streaming without delay. Bmovies displays ads, but you can block them with ad-blockers in your web browsers.

Bmovies is relatively faster when compared to other streaming websites, and most of the movies on the website are in HD quality. The movie arrangement is neat; with top IMDB as the priority and other criteria such as most watched, genre, country of production, etc. coming after.

15. Watchfree


Watchfree movie streaming website does what it says; it lets users watch movies for free. Watchfree provides a vast collection of movies and TV shows for users to stream on their devices, the sites don’t host its contents, but provide working links to the contents on other websites, with this feature you can even get access to premium contents without paying a dime.

Since Watchfree is affiliating multiple movies streaming sites, it has one of the widest varieties of movies to stream, so it is go-to movie streaming website when you can’t find a particular movie on other websites. Watchfree does not require user registration and has a visually-appealing user interface.

Conclusion on 123movies Alternatives

Finding alternatives to excellent movie streaming website like 123movies might be hard, but no more; with the websites listed above you have found a list of worthy alternatives, explore them one by one and pick your favorite, hope you will be glad for finding this list, happy streaming!

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