Free Best Torrent Sites 2023

by Sean B.

Best Torrent Sites 2023 - For many torrents devotes and newbies, finding a choice torrent site can be a Herculean task. There are just too many sites out there with so many fake torrents, low quality torrent and filled with malware and many ads. And then there is the ever-constant battle between these torrent sites and copyright protection authorities.

Here, we have compiled the best torrent sites out there with all the juicy, important information you surely would want to know about.

But before we dive right in, a little extra information to make torrenting super easy.

Torrenting for Beginners

Torrenting allows peer-to-peer file sharing. That is, a user can locate another users’ computer and connect to them. Then, with a special torrent software assess music, movie and other files and copy these to their own computer. Remember, you require a torrent downloader software to be able tofile share.

What is seed, peer and leech?

While torrenting, you will come across these three words veryoften. Better to get it out of the way and know what they mean now, right?

Seed – a person that has the complete file with them is a seed.

Peer – a person that have only bits of the file and not the complete file.

Leech – this is the selfish one. This person has downloaded the complete file but will not allow other users assess to download from them.

So, when you see the numbers of seeds, peers and leeches, now you know what they mean.

What you should have before torrenting?

1. Torrent downloader software

You need this as there is no torrenting without this. Some examples of the most popular torrent downloader software includes:µTorrent,BitTorrent, andTransmission.

2. Anti-malware software

remember, not just it must be a fully update anti-malware software.

3. VPN

when assessing torrents site, using a VPN provides anonymity. It makes you

untraceable and changes your IP address. No one can keep track of your downloads. VPN also allows you access to sites that are blocked in your country or by your internet

service provider. Torrent blocking is a way to prevent copyright violations. With a VPN you can bypass this torrent blocking.

Finally, a VPN protects from malicious threats. This ensures safety to the user and personal information.

Is torrenting illegal? Can you receive a lawsuit?

Know that using a torrent is not illegal. Torrents can be a great way for file sharing. An example of legal use of torrent is for the distribution of open-source software.

But sharing copyrighted materials via torrents for free is illegal. It is against copyright laws. This may attract lawsuits. Although, most lawsuits filed are class-action suits. Meaning they are filed against a group of users. Users who copy and distribute copyrighted materials.

Sometimes, lawsuits target individual users. If the internet service providers release the download and upload history of a user, this can happen. These lawsuits can be scary, stressful and a financial burden. But going to court or paying a fine do not happen veryoften.

To avoid this, read the terms and conditions of your internet service provider. Also, the more content you download to your local storage, the more the possibility of coming under copyright protection authorities’ radar.

List of Free Best Torrent Sites 2023

Avoid downloading anything released in the past 60 days. As this is when most movies, games and other materials make their most income. Copyright holders will be on the lookout for illegal sharing so they don’t lose big time financially.

1. The Pirate Bay - Site Link

ThePirate Bay
The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is an undisputed King of torrent sites in terms of the amount of traffic it receives and the diversity of its categories. This torrent site provides high quality and verified torrents. It is trusted. Although restricted and blocked in many countries, its mirror sites are reliable and safe to use.

Been in the game since: 2003.

Popular for: Everything –Movies, TV shows, Music, Books, Applications, Games and Adult content.

To download: no sign up needed.

Number of torrents: Over 3 million

Interface: Simple

Restricted countries: About 30. Mainly in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Mirror URLs:,

2. 1337X - Site Link


This site has a wide collection of torrents –Movies, TV shows, Music, Applications, Adult content, Documentaries. But is known best for its Game torrents. Weekly, this site curates a top 100 list of trending torrents. It also has other helpful features on the site like torrent cover and description.

Been in the game since: 2007.

Popular for: Games and Hard-to-find torrents

To download: Sign up required.

Number of torrents: Over 2 million

Interface: Attractive, Colorful

Restricted countries: United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Austria.

3. RARBG - Site Link

Known for its wide collection of high-quality torrents. This site since it launched in 2008 can boast of not experiencing any major interruption. It is restricted in many countries. However, it can be assessed via its mirror sites.

Registration is required to assess must of its features.

Been in the game since: 2008.

Popular for: Movies, High-quality torrents.

To download: Sign up needed.

Number of torrents: Almost 1 million

Interface: Dull, outdated

Restricted countries: 10 countries including United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia.

4. Torrentz2 - Site Link

This site works as a search engine showing results from other torrent sites. The torrents shown can be filtered based on when it was uploaded and how recent it is. It can also be filtered based on verified torrents and for adult contents.

Been in the game since: 2016.

Popular for: Movies, TV shows, Games, Music, Application.

Number of torrents: Over 60 million.

Restricted countries: None.

5. - Site Link is a home for movie enthusiasts. Especially, lovers of classic movies and seekers of hard-to-find movies. It is also great for users with limited bandwidth. It gives high quality torrents at small size.

On this site, users can give feedback to site operators and make request for contents.

Been in the game since: 2011.

Popular for: Classic movies, hard-to-find movies, High quality for small size

To download: Registration required

Number of torrents: About 10,000

Interface: Clean, easy-to-use.

Restricted countries: Ireland

6. Torlock - Site Link


Torlock has the motto “no fake torrents” and it lives to this by providing only verified torrents. The site operators promise $1 to for every fake torrent found on its site.

It has a wide collection of Anime, Music, eBook Movies, TV shows, Games, Software, Audiobooks and Adult content.

Been in the game since: 2010.

Popular for: Verified torrents

To download: No sign up needed.

Number of torrents: Over 4 million.

Interface: Simple

Restricted countries: India, Australia, United Kingdom.

7. Zooqle - Site Link


This site is always working on improving for better quality. It has a neat and clean interface. Zooqle provides a wide collection of torrents. But it is well known for Movies, TV shows and Games.

It also has advanced search options that allows for an easy search. Users can search based on category, language and file size.

Been in the game since: 2013.

Popular for: Movies, TV shows, Games.

To download: No sign up needed.

Number of torrents: Over 3 million

Interface: Neat

Restricted countries: None

8. EZTV - Site Link

Best Torrent Sites 2023: EZTV
Best Torrent Sites 2023: EZTV

If the torrent you are interested in is TV shows, then this is the site for you. With a simple interface, this site does not require sign up to download. There is the option to create accounts to save torrents under favorite.

The site also has a countdown list where you can follow the release date of all the latest seasons of TV shows.

Been in the game since: 2015.

Popular for: TV shows.

To download: No sign up needed.

Number of torrents: Over 150 000

Interface: Simple

Restricted countries: Ireland, Australia, United Kingdom.

9. LimeTorrents - Site Link


LimeTorrentsis a huge and updated torrent catalog. Categories available include –movies, tv shows, music, games, anime, and applications.

The site also provides an updated list of new torrents and top 100 torrents.

Been in the game since: 2009.

Popular for: Verified torrents.

To download: No sign up needed.

Number of torrents: Over 9 million

Interface: Simple, Green.

Restricted countries: France, Australia, United Kingdom.

10. Torrent Downloads - Site Link

Torrent Downloads

This site has one of the largest collection of torrents. Categories available include –Movies, TV shows, Music, Games, Books, Anime, Software, and many others.

It has an active community. Users interact and rate torrents on safety and quality. There is also an advanced search option on the site. This allows to search for torrents based on category, provider and status.

Been in the game since: 2007.

Popular for: High quality torrents.

To download: Sign up required.

Number of torrents: Over 16 million

Interface: Clean

Restricted countries: United Kingdom.

Conclusion on 2023 Free Best Torrent Sites

With this list of the best torrent sites, you would never run out of options with assessing torrents. For your ease, we have provided the top torrent downloading site out there. These sites provide verified and high-quality torrents. And they provide diverse categories for different interest.

So, torrent-ers, knock yourself out!

Disclaimer: Be aware we do not condone the illegal sharing of copyrighted materials. Uploading copyrighted materials put you at risk of civil lawsuits in many countries. This lawsuit can target group of users or individual users. Be aware that by use of these sites, your internet service provider may release download and upload activity history to potential copyright plaintiff.

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