14 Best Adventure Travel Blogs

by Sean B.

14 Best Adventure Travel Blogs - Travel blogs are all about sharing one’s expeditions. Adventurers pack up their necessities and share amazing places around the world. Such people have a wanderlust they cannot ignore. Their travel narrations introduce readers a whole different landscape.

List of Best Adventure Travel Blogs

Inspire you to experience travelling. Certain travel bloggers express their trips in beautiful ways. The reader feels as if he/she is experiencing the journey themselves. These blogs stand out from the thousands of travel accounts on the internet today.

Fourteen of these captivating travel blogs that deserve recognition are:

National Geographic Intelligent Travel - Site Link

National Geographic Intelligent Travel
National Geographic Intelligent Travel

The Intelligent Travel Series of the National Geographic presents unique experiences. The stories showcase some of the marvels of this world. The writing style is captivating and keen on detail.

The writers specialize in describing the many cultures around the world. The foods, the landmarks, the personalities; everything gives you the thrill of adventure. They also highlight the less-than-impressive features of places they travel to. The travel guides help other tourists overcome issues they face.

The Intelligent Travel blogs are a must-read for adventurers and travel lovers!

Adventure Journal - Site Link

Adventure Journal
Adventure Journal

The Adventure Journal brings life to nature itself. The travel stories are fascinating to read and inspire you to discover more of the world.

Adventure Journal give new light to many places. But the highlight is uncovering some beautiful places you may have never heard of. They unearth scenic beauties and bring up in intriguing people. The blogs also educate the reader on the wonders of outdoor travelling.

Start on your own adventure by giving their blogs a read!

Shermans Travel Blog - Site Link

Shermans Travel Blog
Shermans Travel Blog

Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa. Shermans Travel Blog takes you on an adventure to every region. The multicultural blogs are amazing and serve as great travel guides.

Many blogs on ShermansTravel are comprehensive advice on what to look for at different places. Hotel deals, modes of transport, major landmarks – the travel blogs cover them all. They also separate regions according to climate. The weather can make or break the fun factor on a trip. These blogs suggest which regions to visit at a certain time of the year.

This is the adventure blog you are looking for when it comes to recreation and inspiration!

Top Adventure Sports

Top Adventure Sports
Top Adventure Sports

The Adventurous Traveler Blog is top-notch when it comes to content. A number of renowned travel narrators present their adventures in collaboration on the blog. The Adventure Collection arouses curiosity and fascinates the reader.

From the Northern regions of the Arctic to Southern Africa. The blogs cover many places in between. The blogs come in a variety of writing taste. There is something interesting on the blog for every reader. You are sure to find one who gives you the thrill of adventure.

These writers inspire you to pack your bag and experience the world!

Gadling - Site Link


The Gadling separates travel blogs for categories:

· Adventure Travel.

· Budget Travel.

· Travel Tech.

· Luxury Travel.

· Photography.

· Airlines.

· Hotels.

· Cruises.

· Food & Drink.

· Arts & Culture.

You can find travel stories for every major region of the world. Asia, Europe, Africa, The Pacific – they cover everything. The adventurers build their experiences of the culture and natural wonders at their places of visit. They also make travel guides for people of all classes who wish to enjoy their outings.

Before you go on an adventure of your own, give the Gadling blogs a read!

Lonely Planet - Site Link

Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet started out as travel guides through books. They had intriguing books on a lot of famous places around the world. One can argue they made those places famous with their descriptions. The same outlet now delivers the thrill through their blogs.

Lonely Planet has a style that is catchy and enjoyable. Their blogs are all about the detail. They never miss a trick in their description of places and people. The visual detail on the stories is fantastic. The travel guides are second to none.

The blog is a definite part of the best out there. Their stories are a guideline for your own adventure. Give them a go before embarking on one!

Matador Network - Site Link

Matador Network
Matador Network

Matador Network is nothing short of a masterclass in its writing style. The blog is witty, fun, and engaging to read. Their travel descriptions are unique down to a T. There is no better way to summarize them.

The wanderlust is real when going through this blog. Their stories progress in a way that makes you love the places they describe.

Matador Network is an absolute necessity for an adventure lover!

Good Nature - Site Link

Good Nature
Good Nature

Good Nature Travel is all about presenting the world in its natural state. Their blogs document wildlife and scenic wonders around the world. The colorful stories have an aura of relaxation and awe to them.

From arctic life to the aquatic world, Good Nature has it all. The blog also has travel guides for people who like to experience nature.

This is an amazing stress killer for you in your leisure time!

The Planet D - Site Link

The Planet D
The Planet D

There is no better idea to travel than with your life partner. The Planet D is exactly that – a couple documenting their travels.

Dave and Deb are an inspiration to all those who cannot travel due to commitments. In a married life, the pile of responsibilities hinder any travel desires. But the couple’s “Adventure is for Everyone” may inspire you to make that vacation you long for. In any case, reading their adventures gives you a sense of imaginary travelling.

If you need motivation to explore the world, this is the blog that provides it!

The Expert Vagabond - Site Link

The Expert Vagabond
The Expert Vagabond

The Expert Vagabond is a one-man show, but is no less thrilling than anyone else. Matt Karsten shares his stories and views on some of the most wild and beautiful places in the world. He gives you some stunning visuals of places along the way too.

The man has been on the road for a number of years now. His travel guides are helpful and accurate. His photography brings stillness to life in ways unimaginable. It makes you want to witness the beauty of places for yourself.

A definite read to experience the world in words!

Adventurous Kate - Site Link

Adventurous Kate
Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate is an inspiration to the female community. Kate McCulley supervises the blog herself and describes her adventures with glamour and intrigue.

She has stories on places across all the continents of the world. Her style of writing complements the wondrous places she describes. The culture, the people, the food – she portrays everything in an elegant manner. Countries across South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia are her top destinations. She builds travel guides on most places she travels to.

She shares her story on the progress of her life and how travelling became her passion. The story is as thrilling as her ventures.

Ladies, join Kate on her tours around the world as she breaks the travel hoodoos!

Ordinary Traveler - Site Link

Ordinary Traveler
Ordinary Traveler

The only thing ordinary about Ordinary Traveler is the name itself. The “Award-winning Adventure Travel Blog” is something to revere. The blog has extensive links in the blogging world. National Geographic Traveler is one of their major collaborators.

The blog brings places to life with the stunning visuals it provides with the descriptions. They capture places from the best possible angles. The beauty in the sceneries, the people, the wildlife; it feels mesmeric.

But the blog is not only about showing the many colors of the world. It has some of the most practical guides out there about travelling. People of all budgets can know of landmarks to visit and places to stay. Many seasoned travelers share their insight on the blog.

Ordinary Traveler is your adventurous cup of tea with that cup of tea!

G Adventures - Site Link

G Adventures
G Adventures

G Adventures has a bit of everything. The knowledgeable blog is one-of-a-kind when it comes to world exploration. The blog has all your senses tingling as you progress through their stories.

From the North Pole to the South, between Japan and Canada; G Adventures covers everywhere. The foods, the art, the culture – they display every detail of their adventures. Something unique to their blog is the traditions about places they bring to the surface. They unearth the most interesting facts about countries. Their insight on the world knows no limits. They even give information on distinctive animals and plants.

G Adventures gives you a new and fresh view on the world!

A Backpackers Tale - Site Link

A Backpackers Tale
A Backpackers Tale

A Backpacker’s Tale are the adventure accounts of Stephen Schreck. He is an avid traveler who shares his stories through the engaging blog.

The man has a knack for trying new things for the thrill. He takes you to places you never dare going to, apart from the usual tours. He lives life on the edge, which is both fresh and exciting. The blog makes for a good learning curve about travelling. The advice is helpful and precise, and the stories inspiring.

Reading through his blogs, you can never tell what happens next!

There are other Adventure Travel Blogs that are as fascinating as these. But these are fourteen of the best you will find on the internet. All of them have their own charisma, and they all deserve a read. Whether you travel yourself or not, they inspire your imagination to travel, explore, and enjoy.

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