Top 5 BIN Checkers

by Sean B.

Top 5 BIN Checkers - BIN or Bank Identification Number is the first 6 digits of your credit card or debit card number. It is also known as IIN or Issuer Identification Number. BIN definitionis used to create credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and even store cards. Every merchant uses BIN number to check for malpractices like fraud. BIN is useful in determining if the buyer is real or not.

BIN numbering system helps in identifying any potential security breaches or identity theft. It compares the real data of the cardholder with the card data. BINwas developed by the ISO or International Organization for Standardization.

What is a BIN checker?

If you are a merchant, then you should check the BIN of your customer’sfrequently. Money launderers and fraudsters are always looking for lazy merchants. Credit card frauds are becoming more common in modern world. It is easy to commit credit card frauds if the merchant is lazy.

You can use BIN checker to check your customer’s BIN number. The BIN checker will first verify the BIN number. If the BIN number is not valid, then it will reject it. After that it will search the BIN number in the premium BIN number database.Lastly it will return all the data about the BIN Number.You will get to know about the bank issuer name, card type, card number, card issuing country, scheme and currency. Thus, you can match this information with the information provided by your customer. If he has provided wrong information, then he isprobably fraudster.

Why do we need a BIN checker?

BIN checker is mostly used by the merchants. In modern world, it is very easy to do fraud transactions. If you want to secure your website from fraud transactions, then you must use BIN checker. You can integrate BIN checker API with your website payment system.Before processing any transaction, BIN checker will match the details provided by the user with the database. If the detail provided by the user is wrong, then the transaction will get cancelled.

BIN or Bank identification number checker provides following information:

· Country of the credit card

· Credit card type

· Credit card level

· Bank name and phone number

· Name of the credit card provider

There are various BIN checkers on the internet. But, most of the BIN checkers have an outdated database. A good BIN checker must have an updated and accurate database. Also, they must have a very large database. Most BIN checkers only include BIN numbers used in America. We have compiled a list of 5 best BIN checkers in the market. These websites also provide free API to website owners. You can integrate their API in your payment system. Hence, all the fraud transactions will automatically get canceled.

Top 5 Bin Checkers



Free BIN Checker provides you premium service for checking any BIN number. You need to input the first six digits of your card number. The website will search for the BIN number in their database. They update their database every day. Thus, they have the most updated database in the market. They have more than 600,000+ BIN records in their database.

You can also get the API to integrate in your website. After integrating this API, you don’t have to worry about fraud transactions. The API will compare the information provided by the customer with their database. If the information is wrong, then it will cancel the transaction.



BankBinList have more than 340,000 BIN numbers in their database. Their database was last updated in Feburary, 2023. They update their database every 2-3 months. Hence, they have a very up to date database. They have spent a lot of their time in making their database. First they connect the data from various online sources. After that, they filter out the useless data from the database.Lastly, they refine the information collected to increase the accuracy of their database.

Their database is very accurate.But, still it impossible to maintain a 100% perfect database of BIN numbers because they keep changing regularly. Still they try tocontinuously improve the list by removing old BIN numbers. They also update the database with new BIN numbers on a regular interval.

You can also download your BIN data from this website. You can export your BIN data in .doc or .pdf format. They also offer their API to other companies and website.

You can also use their Advanced BIN service for checking BIN number. In Advanced BIN checker you need to input your card Vendor name. You also need to enter the type of card, level of card and your country.



IINBinList has a very simple user interface. You can use it without any technical experience. To use this Bin checker, first you have to open this website in your browser. After that, you need to enter the first 8 digits of your card number. You will get all the BIN information about the credit card number you entered. You will get to know about the card type, card network, card country, bank name and card number length.

If you are a merchant, then you can compare this information with the information provided by the customer. They also provide an open source Javascript script for website owners. You can add the API in your website to make the transaction procedure smoother. 



Binchecker has a very well structured database. It can return any query in few seconds. It has many excellent features like daily update, large database, and easy parsed. The database provided by this website is very accurate. You can also buy the API from their website. After integrating this API with your website, your payment process will become safer. You don’t have to worry about fraudulent transactions.

5. EXACTBINS.COM - Site Link


Exactbins is perfect for merchants. If you want to secure your website from fraud transactions, then this service is perfect for you. This website will provide you with a very accurate credit card BIN database. You can use this database to check the genuineness of any transaction. If the details provided by the user are wrong, then you can cancel the transaction. Exactbins has more than 324000 BIN numbers in their database. Their database was last updated in April 2023. They update their database every month. Thus, you don’t have to worry about outdated database. You can use BIN lookup to get information like card type (Credit/Charge/Debit), card brand (Visa, AmEx etc) and card subtype (Business, Classic, Gift etc.).

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