VirtualBox vs VMware

Performance Comparison 2023

by Sean B.

VirtualBox or VMware? Virtualization is a hot topic among Operating System designers. The concept has been around for a long time. The potential of the idea is limitless for both system production and education.

There are a great many things you can do with a virtual machine. The virtualization contest is between two systems: VirtualBox and VMware. So, which one works best for you? VirtualBox vs VMware Performance Comparison, 2023, looks into their features.

VirtualBox vs VMware Performance Analysis and Comparison 2023

VirtualBox vs VMware Performance Comparison 2023
VirtualBox vs VMware Performance Comparison 2023

Virtualization is the concept of creating something in part. The virtual machine does not have an existence. But it has the functionality of a real machine. You can consider it a non-existential copy of a real system.

The idea also applies to computing machines. System developers use virtual machines to create Operating Systems and Servers. The closer the virtual system to the real thing, the better. Ideal virtualization involves generating the exact same version of the real system.

VirtualBox and VMware work as Virtual Operating Systems. You can create a virtual system on your computer. The recreation is the same as a real system. You can test different Operating Systems this way without having to set up real ones.

VirtualBox and VMware have differences on various factors. The key categories to rate their performances are:

· Price and License.

· Installation and User-Interface.

· Graphic and Performance.

· Compatibility.

· Shared Data and File Transfer.

· Security.

· Personal or / and Business Use.

Summary Table for VirtualBox vs VMware Performance Comparison, 2023

VirtualBox vs VMware Performance Comparison Chart




Price and License

Installation and User-Interface

Graphic and Performance



Data and File Transfer


Personal Use

Business Use

VirtualBox’s best features are its Price and Compatibility. It is Free, and Transitioning between Operating Systems is easier.

VMware has its best use in Business. It has a much more Stable Performance with Better Optimization.

VirtualBox Vs VMware 2023, Which One Is Better?


Operating System is the core working unit of a computer system software. There are a lot of Operating Systems in the market today. Some of the popular ones include:

· Microsoft Windows.

· Android.

· Linux Operating System.

· Apple MacOS.

VirtualBox and VMware are virtualization software that run different Operating Systems. They run these OS in a real working environment without having to install them. They are both excellent in their functionality. But their purpose as well as their features are not the same. They only apply a similar concept to one another.

VirtualBox came to life at Oracle as we know it today. It is a Corporation that works on the development of computer technology. VirtualBox is an Open-source software, available to everyone. It is also free ever since it has been under Oracle. It recreates a perfect version of an Operating System on your computer. This creates a real operating environment for the Operating system. The imitation is faultless, and the possibilities endless.

VMware Workstation was the original virtualization software. It’s a Virtual Machine under the virtualization software company, VMware. It allows for virtual running of multiple Operating Systems on a single server. The only restriction is the space for the Operating System. Other resources such as Networking and Processing Speed divide among the OS. VMware has versions for free and personal use. It is an excellent learning tool for Backend Program Development. There is a lot you can do with the VMware Workstation.

So, Which One is Better? The comparison is between their performance for key categories like:

1. License and Price

License and Price
License and Price

VirtualBox is an Open-source software. It has a Copyright Licenseunder GNU General Public License v2.0. The software is available for non-Profit as well as Personal Use, for Educational purposes. You do not need to pay for VirtualBox as it is Free. Only its “Extension Pack” needs purchasing under the Oracle Licensing.

The VMware Workstation is also Free for Personal and non-Profit use. Its major use is in the education field. But the free release of VMware is not as dynamic. There is a limitation to the VMware features for the free version.

The Free VirtualBox version, with its Price and License, is preferable over VMware.

2. User-Interface and Installation

VirtualBox has a simple installation process for Operating Systems. Its Installation Wizard guides you step-by-step through the process. It provides information on resource allocation for each Operating System. It also recommends allocations for the RAM and Storage Space for proper OS running.

The User-Interface is another plus for VirtualBox. The system guides you on how to run the Operating System every step of the way.

VMware fares even better with its installation procedure. Its Installation Wizard has more features in comparison. This allows you to set more specifications with the Operating System.

VMware also feels easier to use in comparison to VirtualBox. Its interface is simple for beginners as well as professionals.

VMware trumps VirtualBox with its easy Installation Procedures and User-Friendly Interface.

3. Performance and Graphics

Performance and Graphics
Performance and Graphics

VirtualBox handles Graphics better for older Operating Systems. But it struggles with newer Operating System processing. Moreover, the Performance level is not Top-notch. The processing speed and response rate feel slow on VirtualBox.

You need a High-end computer to get the proper benefits of VirtualBox.

VMware is not the best with older Operating Systems. But it is excellent with the newer Operating Systems. Its Processing is smooth, and the Response Rate is very good.

You are fine working on low-spec computer with VMware. It performs as well as it does with a High-end computer.

VMware is the Virtual Machine to go with in terms of Graphics and Performance.

4. System Compatibility

Compatibility is a major deciding factor between VirtualBox and VMware. Compatibility is the power of a Virtual Machine to run multiple Operating Systems. It is important that the machine can transition between the Operating Systems.

VirtualBox has a better compatibility in comparison to VMware. VirtualBox allows for data sharing among Operating Systems. This is a possibility through Snapshots and Cloning. VMware does not offer such features.

Virtual Box has more bugs and flaws in comparison. This makes VMware a more Reliable tool.

5. Data and File Transfer

Both VirtualBox and VMware allow for File Sharing between Operating Systems. Two Operating Systems running side-by-side behave as a Host-Guest Network. You can set up a folder in the Host OS as the sharer to the Guest OS. File Sharing is easier with VMware in comparison to VirtualBox.

VirtualBox and VMware also enable Data Transfer between Operating Systems. Both Virtual Machines have a similar performance in the regard. They are both excellent at Data Transfer.

Overall, VMware fares better than VirtualBox for File Sharing and Data Transfer.

6. Security Features

VirtualBox and VMware are secure Virtual Machines. They allow for safe emulation of Operating Systems. The safety measures help against malware attacks during emulation.

Virtual Machines set up Operating Systems in a Host-Guest Network. You recreate a Virtual OS on your computer that already runs another OS. The two Operating Systems run side-by-side. But there is an isolation between both Operating Systems. Their resource allocation is also mutually exclusive. They do not interfere with one another under normal functioning. They communicate only when you share or transfer data between them.

Any harmful programs in the Host OS do not affect the Guest OS. This keeps the Virtualization process clean and malware-free. There are no security breaches during the virtualization process.

Certain Operating Systems allow for security examinations as well. The isolation helps pinpoint issues with the Host OS. But this is only a possibility with a few combination of Operating Systems.

Both VirtualBox and VMware are similar with Virtual Machine Security.

7. Personal and Business Deployment

VirtualBox is an amazing Virtual Machine for free. It is available for practice as an educational and non-profit tool. Its complete functioning needs the License purchase. Oracle issues the license to organizations on demand. It is open for use to everyone.

VMware has many versions to its Virtual Machine. Not all versions are free, and most are not free either. The free VMware Workstation has a limit to its functionality. The free version finds use in the education field. But its many classifications are of great use on the business side of things. You only need to purchase the version that fulfills your needs.

The Free VirtualBox is better for Personal Use. But VMware is more capable when it comes to Business Use.

Additional Knowledge about VirtualBox vs VMware 2023

Additional Knowledge about VirtualBox vs VMware 2023
More to Know about VirtualBox vs VMware 2023

The Virtual World is more than Virtual Machines like VirtualBox and VMware. Virtualization is a bigger concept than that. Terms like Cloud Computing and Emulation also fall under Virtualization. It is important to know what each term applies to. Emulators and Cloud Computing are a whole different realm to Virtual Machines:

Emulators and Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines keep an isolation between the Host and Guest OS. The guest Operating System is a complete machine in its own right. It has its own allocations for system specs. They are exclusive to the guest OS, and do not share with the host OS.

Emulators change the behavior of one Operating System to resemble another. It enables the host OS to run programs compatible only with the guest OS. There are emulators to run programs on a PC compatible only with Android systems. In a similar fashion, a PC can behave as a Console through an emulator. There are various Emulators available on the market.

Cloud Virtualization and Computation

Cloud Computing is a similar concept to Virtualization. Virtualization involves Operating Systems running side-by-side. They can communicate with each other, if need be. You can share data over the Operating System network.

Cloud Computing is the data storage concept over the internet. A standard way of storing data is on your system’s hard drive. You can only access the data on that specific system.

Cloud Computing allows for data storage over a “Virtual Cloud.” You can access the data on the Cloud through any system with access to the cloud. The system and the Cloud communicate to fetch the data. In this way, Cloud Computing enables communication between systems.


Virtualization is an amazing concept with endless possibilities. Virtual Machines give for to the concept. There are other similar ideas such as Cloud Computing and Emulation. All of them have their own field of application.

VirtualBox and VMware are two of the best Virtual Machines. They apply the concept of Virtualization in different ways. Each has its own uses and features. VirtualBox vs VMware Performance Comparison, 2023, helps you decide which one best suits your needs.

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