Email Rich People for Money 2023

How To Write an Email To Millionaires for Money

by Sean B.

The world has enough for us all, but the ration each person receive distinguishes one person from the other. Yes, we live in a world filled with endless resources. But it's saddening that others scoop more than others.

Why Emailing Money Request to Rich People in 2023?

While others live in surplus, others struggle to get only the minimum wage. Despite such ranks in wealth distribution, charity shines the light of hope. And this light radiates mostly to those in the lower echelon.

Among the highly placed amongst us, many of them preach and practice charity. With this, the common man with a genuine need for money can get help.

Were you thinking of how to reach some rich and generous individuals for money? A significant way to gain access to these philanthropists is through their email.

In this post, you will learn how to approach the world's wealthiest people for financial support.

Email Pattern To Get Financial Help From Rich People

Email Pattern To Get Financial Help From Rich People
Email Pattern To Get Financial Help From Rich People

There is one fundamental thing you should remember before beginning your request email. Knowing that these generous millionaires receive tons of similar emails every day. So, you don't expect to write just anything and expect a favorable response.

Most importantly, your email to any rich person must be for a genuine reason. With this, you have a higher chance of getting their attention to help you. Although this post will help you go about your request, remember that the bill of the work is still up to you. So, you have to play your cards well and convincingly present your request.

How to Email Rich People for Money 2023

I trust that your mind is ready for those things you should remember while writing your request. So, let's look at the major points your email should contain.

1. Seek Help For A Noble Cause

Presenting your intentions in the best way possible is the first place to succeed. As mentioned earlier, these generous philanthropists receive lots of similar support emails every day. So, your intentions must be clear and worth the support so that your message can get their attention.

2. Be Precise in Your Writing

Rather than beating about the bush, come straight with your request. Well, while trying to be as straightforward as possible, ensure you don’t sound too confident. Your tone must be calm and well-composed. Doing this will help you since you need some help and not them looking for yours.

3. Politeness Is Very Important and Helpful

Courtesy takes nothing from you. In your writing, you should try to be as polite as possible. Even when you're are naturally not cultured, you must try to be in this case. Again, while being polite, you shouldn’t trade your dignity for politeness. You have to uphold your dignity throughout your email and don’t be unduly pestering.

4. Write In A First Person Tone

This is your request, and you should speak for yourself. Even if you are writing on behalf of a person, you should write as though you are the person in question. Remember, it is only the victim who can better tell his stories.

5. Keep Your Subject Short But Intriguing

Your email subject line must be short and captivating. In most cases, prime can tell the content of a mail from the subject line. However, your subject line shouldn’t sound so desperate and pity-seeking. Example of such subjects is “please you are my last resort.” Others include "please I need this money as soon as possible," “help me, and heaven will help you in return." Avoid these because such subject lines are demeaning.

6. Read And Proofread Your Emails

This is an essential aspect of writing, even beyond an email for support. Reading and proofreading your email will help you to spot out typos and mistakes. Remember, you are sending your email to people who are so busy and important. As such, your email should not be a task for them to read and get the meaning in it. You also have to check your language and make sure that they aren’t foul.

You Can Get Beyond Money From Rich Millionaires / Billionaires

You Can Get Beyond Money From Rich Millionaires / Billionaires
You Can Get Beyond Money From Rich Millionaires / Billionaires

Many people contact generous Millionaires for different reasons. If it's money that you need, you need to think really very well and apply all the point that I have explained above. Well, apart from money, other people write to rich millionaires for advice. And to others, they seek for mentorship.

Others also write emails to rich people for a job opportunity. And for whichever category your email may fall, a good and convincing email is all that you need. Doing this will give your request a higher chance of succeeding.

Thanks to your stars, if your email scale through, your life will almost definitely change. I mean change for good.

Categories of People Who Get Help From Rich People?

I have come across many people who benefit financially from millionaires. From experience, people on the list below are likely to receive support from rich people.

1. People with the desire to go to school but don't have sponsorship

2. People who are living by the street in need of a better life.

3. Those in need of urgent medical attention.

4. People who need some help caring for their families

5. People who are physically challenged.

6. People who have the skill and needs a job to show their skills.

7. People who need money to boost their business from the ground level.

8. People who need mentorship.

9. Talented individuals but without money to develop their talent.

There are other cases where people have these rich millionaires open their wallet. But from those I had the opportunity to meet, these are the situations that got them help.

Contact and Mailing List of Millionaires

Here are some top richest people in the world and their contact details. If you can apply all the guidelines above, you may be the next to touch their soft spot. Check out this contact list to reach these millionaires directly.


Rich Person




Jeff Bezos

Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.


Bill Gates

Medina, Washington, U.S.


Mark Zuckerberg

Palo Alto, California, U.S.


Warren Buffett

Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.


Bernard Arnault

Paris, France


Larry Ellison

Woodside, California, U.S.

Top Millionaires Who Love Giving Away Money

Among the countless millionaires in the world, we have the unique breeds. I am talking about the ones that have seen the act of kindness and charity as their service to humanity.

Good that you have already learned how to approach these set of people. And you also know how to get their attention with your email possibly. So, it’s time to see the notable figures that are always ready to offer help to people in need. You are free to contact any of them. I hope that luck will accompany your email.

1. Bill Gates

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

One of the richest man and a philanthropist you can reach for financial support is Bill Gates. Bill and his wife Melinda are a couple whose charity traits complements each other. Bill Gates and his wife have made lots of donations running into millions of Dollars. Most of Gates charity donations come through his charity foundation.

2. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark, who is the CEO and founder of Facebook, is another notable philanthropist. Mark Zuckerberg has made millions of donations and is still ready to give more. He promises to give away 99% of his revenue as a donation to those in need. This young billionaire is always on the lookout for ways to help those in need around him and beyond.

3. Chuck Feeney

This is another philanthropist with an inherent desire to help the needy. According to Chuck Feeney, he openly declared that giving away his wealth is one act that gives him joy. Adding to that, he said that he will always be doing this as long as he is alive.

4. Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is another millionaire who believes in charity. This CEO of Berkshire Hathaway always donates billions of dollars for some good cause. Warren Buffet is also the founder and a member of the charity group called “The Giving Pledge.” If you have a genuine reason for help, Warren Buffet should make your list of possible helpers.

5. Tim Cook

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook has donated hugely over the years for unnumbered acts of charity. The Apple boss even declared openly of his willingness to give away all his wealth for good causes. Tim Cook's charity focuses on social issues. Some of such include natural disasters, defamation, poverty, and others. Tim Cook is famous for always donating to the Red Cross Organization.

6. Ted Turner

Ted Turner is the former CEO of Turner Broadcasting. He is another generous millionaire of all times. Turner is an environmental and wildlife activist who regularly donates for ecological preservation. Many organizations, including the UN, are beneficiaries of his generosity.

7. J. K. Rowling

If you don’t know this name, you should be conversant with her Harry Potter novels. J. K. Rowling is very generous, and she focuses on helping women and children in need. Rowling has donated millions of dollars to support distressed women and children. She is another rich millionaire worth writing for help.

Conclusion of Emailing Millionaires for Money in 2023

You have them all here. Millionaires who have been in the business of helping the needy and are still interested in doing so.

If you hope to make a hit with any of these generous individuals, follow the few tips here. With this, I trust that any of these assets to humanity mentioned here will love to hear and attend to your request. Good luck!!!

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