6 Popular Blog Niches That Drive Traffic and Make Money

by Sean B.

Do you wonder how the bloggers make money? You visit the internet and bump on popular blogs that have interesting content, and you wonder how they derive traffic and make money. Well, the reality is that some blog owners make good money from their blogs. Blogging does not require any complicated procedures to get started. You will be surprised that some of the blogs are under the ownership of teenagers, while stay-at-home mums run others.

It does not take all their time nor their money. Precisely, it's a simple affair that requires you to be objective and consistent. It's also undeniable that there are people that make good bucks blogging. So, what should I blog about to make money?

Worry no more because we liked up with our expert Kevin Cochran ( view profile) to cite on how to go about it and the blog niches that make money.

6 Popular Blog Niches That Drive Traffic and Make Money:
6 Popular Blog Niches That Drive Traffic and Make Money:

Here is how to make money with your blog


There are top influencers that make top dollar through social media marketing and other forms of digital marketing. You will notice that they have a massive following on their social media handles.

That attracts sponsors such as prominent organizations into working with you on promotional grounds. For instance, you may be approached by brands in the iGaming sector that may want you to promote them through your blog.

You need to have a wide audience to attract such brands. If you have a good following on your blog, top brands will ask you to help them push a certain product or launch it.

If you realize that they aren't getting attracted to you, consider pitching them. You will be surprised that some of them will respond positively and even see you sign a deal.

Affiliate marketing

Another way of getting money through your blog is selling products on affiliate agreements. Getting products in your blog's niche and selling them to your followers will allow you to make good money.

There are commissions for affiliate marketers that are mostly a percentage of the selling price of the product. Getting into an agreement with brands dealing with such products and services will allow you to make good bucks, especially if your niche is highly demanded.

PPC ad Networks

PPC ad networks may sound complicated to some people. However, they mainly refer to ads that get paid per click. Also, they pay based on the demographics and the niche you are working on. They mostly pay an average of $4 to $20 based on the performance of your niche.

Following are the Top Blog Niche to consider

There are hundreds of niches you can try ranging from lifestyle blog niches, education, business and parenting to mention a few. The following are some promising niches to give a try:

Business-related niche

If you aim at reaching top CEOs and business owners, creating a blog with content that touches on business-related issues will be an ideal option for you. It's a great way of earning top dollar. You will attract them into signing deals with you.

The content on the blog will also attract a large following because many people in the business sector want to excel through the tips you share. However, take note that the niche is competitive. You must be ahead at adopting some of the latest trends that will enable you to outshine your competitors.

Casino gaming

Currently, many Canadians engage in casino gaming because they get not only amazing rewards from it but also a great source of entertainment. Therefore, starting a blog that deals in casinos and providing the gamers with gaming tips and trending news will attract the needed traffic. Using the site to sell affiliate casino products will also enable you to earn some bucks. Creating awesome reviews on topics such as Interac casinos in Canada can help you generate passive income through affiliate commissions.

Casino gaming
Casino gaming

Traveling blogs

Many people are always looking for better traveling tips. The Internet is the best place where they get such tips. There are many blogs online offering such tips, and it will be ideal for you to venture into the niche.

It is also a competitive niche, like lifestyle blogs that make money for many Canadian bloggers. It will attract the travel companies and even make them ask you to use your blog to promote their services. It is a great idea worth your consideration.

As you can see, making money from blogging is easy and does not need you to have any unique talents or skills - just consistency and focus.

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