Best Ways to Get Paid to Watch Ads

by Sean B.

Making money from watching sponsored ads might sound like a scam to certain people but it is indeed a good way to earning passive income. There are several brands and companies that pays sites for consumer inputs about their products and services. This inputs involves answering survey questions, testing products and sharing honest opinions based on how they view the service offered.

There are certain platforms that partners with these big brands to provide their consumers with several tasks and activities that will give points reward for their time and thoughts. These companies will pay you to do lots of daily activities such as watching videos online, playing games, shopping online, redeeming offers, browsing the web, taking surveys and watching ads. It is a good way to get paid.

In this guide, I will introduce you to the best sites that will pay you for watching sponsored ads on your smartphone devices. Most of these sites comes with a mobile app version that can be downloaded from app stores for free.

The Best Ways to Get Paid to Watch Ads

Here are the best platforms that offers ways to get paid to watch ads;

You-Cubez - Site Link


This site acts like an advertising agency that allows users to take part in several activities and also promote their brand or business. This site will pay you to view ads and also complete online surveys. It has close to 500,000 registered members.

You can also participate in several tasks and activities while you get paid in return.

Benefits of You-Cubez :

  • You can sign up for free on any device.
  • You can watch video commercials and even explore the internet.
  • Cash out threshold is low but also depends on your membership status.
  • You will get a 15% referral program commission when you refer a friend.

SlideJoy - Site Link


This is a lock screen app that can be used to make money online. It is a mobile app specially designed for smartphone devices which pay users for participating in several activities on the platform. Activities such as browsing the web, watching videos and viewing of ads promotion. Rewards are earned as Google Play Credits.

You have to interact with the ads that shows up on your screen to get rewarded.

Benefits of SlideJoy :

  • It is an excellent online interactive application.
  • You can tailor the contents you want to see to your personal interest.
  • Friend referrals and linking the app to Facebook will increase points earned.
  • The app does not drain battery as it runs in the background

QuickRewards - Site Link


This app offers a unique way to make passive income by watching ads on your device. This platform offers quality service when it comes to payments and customer service. It is a very reliable platform that allows users to earn from ads.

You can also play games and participate in surveys on this platform while you get paid. You can also read emails if you're interested in earning more money.

This platform has two main features;

  • Quick Payments : PayPal payments are received with 72 hours while Gift Cards payments are received within 7 days.
  • Quick Cash Out : The minimum cash out threshold for PayPal is $1.0 USD while the minimum cash out threshold for Gift Cards is $5.0 USD.

Benefits of QuickRewards :

  • Point rewards are redeemed as gift cards or via PayPal.
  • It offers a free loyalty program across UK, Canada and United States.
  • The site allows users to access retails stores such as Walmart and Amazon.
  • You will get to earn up to 25% cashback on shopping across the platform.

Success Bux - Site Link

Success Bux
Success Bux

This is one of the best platforms that pays people to watch ads on their mobile devices. It is not as popular as most other apps but very reliable. This earning and advertising site was released in the year 2012 and has since handed out millions of dollars to a large base of users over the years.

You will get paid for participating in various online activities via the platform.

Activities such as; Testing new products, taking paid surveys, listening to audio clips, participating in contests, redeeming special offers and watching ads.

Benefits of Success Bux :

  • You can sign up for free on this platform.
  • The minimum cash out threshold is $1.0 USD.
  • It has a very smooth and user friendly interface.
  • You can choose to get paid via different payment processors.

AppTrailers - Site Link


This is an app that helps people to keep up to date with the latest trending news across the world. You can make use of this app to make money while watching ads and entertainment video clips. This app offers a great way to earn money with your smartphone device. Watch web videos and get free points reward.

You can perform several activities on this app such as playing games, watching movie trailers and listening to audio commercials. You can even participate in daily quiz that offers high points reward. It is a very good app that provides paid sponsored ads and products commercials. Ensure you download this app.

Benefits of AppTrailers :

  • The user interface is smooth and easy to navigate.
  • You can earn points by watching DIY videos on the app.
  • The earning potential is quite high due to series of activities available.
  • You can redeem your earned points as gift cards or cash out via PayPal.

iRazoo - Site Link


This is an online survey platform where you can earn free gift cards and cash by participating in several activities. Big brands partners with this site to pay for consumer inputs which helps members of the platform to make passive income.

You can be a member by simply signing up for free and getting involved in tasks that will get you points reward. You can earn money on this site by completing offers, watching videos, playing games, blogging and completing paid surveys.

You can benefit from the thousands of dollars of free money given away daily.

Benefits of iRazoo :

  • You will earn faster when you refer a friend or family.
  • You can get gift cards from big brands like Starbucks and Amazon.
  • You can access over 50 channels of interesting ads and video contents
  • You can decide to choose the type of content you want on the platform.

Creations Rewards - Site Link

Creations Rewards
Creations Rewards

This site offers one of the best means to get paid to watch ads. You will get rewarded for the things you do online through this site. This reward comes in form of cash and gift cards. This site will reward you for every day activity.

Aside getting paid to watch ads, you can also make money from playing trivia games, taking surveys and browsing the web. This site have some basic rules and guidelines that determines how users get paid. These guidelines involves;

Earning 5000 points within the first 60-days of registration. It is achievable and the earning potential is very high when compared to other similar websites.

Benefits of Creations Rewards :

  • You will get free $5.0 bonus when you sign up.
  • You will get to earn more when you refer friends and family.
  • You can redeem earned points as gift cards or cash out via PayPal.
  • You will get free gift cards from top retail stores like Walmart and Amazon.

Frequent Questions Asked

Best Ways to Get Paid to Watch Ads
Best Ways to Get Paid to Watch Ads

There are several questions that comes to mind when considering the possibilities of making money when you watch ads on your device. Questions such as;

1. Is the money earned from watching ads legit?

Answer : Yes! Money earned from watching ads on smartphone is legit because the websites and apps listed in this guide all have positive ratings from users.

2. How much can I make from watching ads?

Answer : This is not a get rich quick scheme but you can earn a considerable high amount of money depending on the platform you use. The rates offered per sponsored ads is different but you will earn more if you invest more time.

3. Do I need to start with a capital before earning?

Answer : NO! This method of making money does not require any capital. The apps are free to download and the effort required is minimal when compared to other sources of income. Just get your device and follow the process.


You can make passive income with your smartphone from the comfort of your home without stress. All you need to do is to download apps that will pay you to do certain activities such as watching sponsored ads. This requires little effort but high earning potentials. I have listed some of the best apps available online.

Most of these apps comes with different offers and categories of contents. You can tailor the contents you wish to see to things that interests you. This could be getting the latest trending gist to getting cooking recipes or movie trailers. No matter where your interest lies, you will always find activities you can perform.

The most important thing is to participate in activities that will offer you rewards.

Kindly share your thoughts about this article in the comment section.

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