What is Roblox PS4? Can I play Roblox on PS4?

by Sean B.

If there is one question you can say deserves to an answer, it the one millions of Roblox players ask every time. Though the question comes in various forms, the general idea remains the same. 

Why a Need for Roblox on Playstation Platform?

Some of the questions include is Roblox going to support PS4; Does Roblox PS4 have a release date. Considering there are over 60 million active Roblox players every month, the question begs to answer.

Roblox is one of the biggest game creating platforms for casual and hardcore gamers. It is also one of the best gaming company that offers true consistency in an era where there are a lot of big names in the gaming industry. That aside, the amount of games that developers and gaming companies continue to release on PS4 makes it difficult to simply ignore Roblox not being on PS4. Not to add that Roblox is a cross-platform game that supports multiple gaming operating systems such as iOS, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Android. This makes many gamers wonder why and when Roblox will be available on one of the most popular gaming devices in the world, a Playstation Console.

Roblox launched in 2005 and has since been garnering millions of fans following every year. One interesting reason for this is because the gaming studio supports virtually all genres of games you can think of. From racing games to simulation games, to adventure video games, it is safe to say Roblox has it all. However, no support for PlayStation and because of many wonders if Roblox does support PS4 means it deserves to be addressed.

This article will focus mainly on explaining all the information regarding Roblox PS4 while also answering most of the questions about Roblox and PS4.

What is Roblox PS4?

What is Roblox PS4?
What is Roblox PS4?

Roblox PS4 is a new entry into a revolution in the gaming department. This is because Roblox is a gaming platform where millions of gamers irrespective of the genre of game they love can create their own game or create one of their choices. It is a very active platform that allows you to earn money while doing what you do best - creating games or playing them. It is a user-friendly platform where game developers and programmers can use the Roblox game studio to shape and program their game as they see fit. The most interesting thing about these games is that you can choose to play solo or you can play with your friends as teammates against another team of the player. There is literarily almost nothing you cant do or edit when it comes to games made using the Roblox gaming studio.

There has recently been an announcement from Roblox stating that the project to ensure users can play their favorite Roblox game is in the pipeline. This announcement only makes one wonder how it will affect the game. As a result of these, we would discuss a bit about the gaming system of the PS4 console.

PlayStation consoles, PS4 in particular, are generally regarded as one of the biggest and best gaming consoles in the world. it is also one of the best selling video game consoles in the world. it is a gaming console developed by Sony that provides a platform for thrilling home gaming experience as well as a platform for professional gaming. Many online competitions use the PS4 platform whenever they host competitions or scrims. Apart from the wide-ranging use of PlayStation consoles, it is kids friendly and keeps kids busy thereby increasing their concentration and even improving actively improving game function. Roblox games are very easy to play and not that visually stunning on windows or Android gaming system. However, this would be a different story altogether with PS4's graphical prowess. This is one of the reasons why many Roblox users want to see their game on the popular console. Asides that, users will able be able to game using their joysticks or gamepads which also improves their gaming experience.

Roblox games are also simple to start playing. All you have to do is visit the website and sign in. Once you do that, you will find tons of featured games on the homepage created by Roblox themselves or by other game developers. Mostly games featured on the homepage are games a lot of people are playing or is generating a large amount of traffic. This means playing Roblox games is technical streaming.

A lot of PS4 players or people who have one kind of PlayStation or another have tried playing Roblox game on their console. This they do by visiting the Roblox website on their console, signing in selecting the game they want to play. The only replay they always get however is "your current platform is not supported" .

Why is Roblox not on PS4?

Why is Roblox not on PS4?
Why is Roblox not on PS4?

Wondering why Roblox is not supported on PS4? Don't be. We have the answer for you too. It all started when Roblox was first released online. It was exclusively released on Xbox one making the Microsoft gaming console the only gaming console you can play Roblox on. Two interesting theories are pretty close to the unknown reason why Roblox is not on PS4.

  1. The first theory is that the exclusive deal between Xbox One and Roblox was all-encompassing. There is a lot of backroom discussion going on behind many of the deals companies make nowadays. One of them is including distribution rights. That aside, the deal between Roblox and Microsoft Xbox was a pretty big one and Roblox would not want to do anything to mess it up. This is not that surprising as there are lots of games that were specifically designed for a particular console. There are even many that the company behind the gaming console designed themselves. These kinds of games are usually only available on their gaming console and usually take a lot of time before they release it to other consoles.
  2. The second theory is that Sony Playstation might now want Roblox because the Xbox One port was bad. This could be the reason why there was no attempt to make Roblox available on PlayStation consoles since its release on Xbox One. Even with the exclusive deal between Roblox and Xbox, there are a lot of things left to be desired when playing Roblox on Xbox One. For instance, you cannot chat with other players in the game which you can do if you play Roblox on Windows or macOS. Another example is the inability to access the regular store of any game you are playing on Roblox ported for Xbox One. What makes matters worse is the fact that the interface of the game is not friendly and looks shabbily made.

Considering all the aforementioned, it is very understandable if PS4 does not want to have the game. This does not mean that the game would not later be on PS4, it simply means that both the game and the Console were not ready.

Does Roblox PS4 have a release date?

The fact that both PS4 and Roblox are the top gaming console and one of the greatest gaming platforms respectively means there will always be rumors and cooked ups stories. There is however something that we can confidently confirm. Roblox is not yet on PS4 but we can confirm there is progress and it will soon be available on PlayStation. There are lots of sites out there that promise there is a working way you can download and play Roblox on PlayStation 4. The truth is all of them are lies and do not work. Without the final verdict from both companies, there is no way one can truly confirm when Roblox will finally support PS4 apart from speculating. The only official says on this topic was as far back as July 2016 when one of the top officials of Roblox at Roblox Stream's The Next Level said production was on and that the company was working on making Roblox available on PS4.

There have also been several discussions and theories as to why there is no official release date yet. For instance, there are confirmed sightings of job listings on the PlayStation Community Forum. There is a thread dedicated to the discussion of this kind and many fans claim the job listing is why Roblox is still not available on PS4.

Part of the job description as reported by a user called Bo3loards is that the company needs porting 3D engines that they want to adopt from the Windows platform. If this is anything to go by, it means Roblox is having issues with porting the game to PS4 and it is only a matter of time.

Conclusion of How to play Roblox on PS4

So there you have it. You do not have to get disheartened because you still can't play your favorite Roblox games on your PS4 console. The port is coming and Roblox will soon be available on PlayStation. To stay updated, you can always follow the official Twitter handle of Roblox.

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