Best Way Over How To Fix High Memory Usage Windows 10 in 2023

by Sean B.

Best Way Over How To Fix High Memory Usage Windows 10 - People that have issues with the high memory usage Window 10 may need to find the cause of the problem. The Window OS has been experiencing high memory as well as CPU usage for a long period. Yet, the problem has occurred repeatedly but the users need to take caution when using their personal computer. Irrespective of the factory settings, some users still encounter different kinds of memory issues on their personal computer. The performance of computer may depend on some window service providers such as Service Host Superfetch. This is the main reason why every user believe that they need to adjust the factory settings of their Windows.

Since its release in the year 2015, there has been a reasonable improvement when compared with the early version. When you compare with Window 7 as well as 8, the Window 10 is quite flexible and has constant update. Besides the programs installed by Windows, the user may add several software via Microsoft store. Although, this is fantastic but can also increase the memory usage of the computer.

Several people using Windows 10 have experienced memory issued at least once. This might vary according to the condition of the computer. Apart from the general system issue, Window 10 might experience some challenge whenever too many applications run simultaneously. This will overwork the RAM as well as CPU element which correlates to heavy use of memory.

The Symptom of High Memory Usage in Windows 10

The Symptom of High Memory Usage in Windows 10
The Symptom of High Memory Usage in Windows 10

Whenever you need to fix issues with high memory usage, the best approach is to check various system operations errors. Check the system for malware before you change the operating system. Usually, the high memory usage might be as a result of malware instead of the running programs. So far, the Windows 10 are the upgraded version of Windows 7 as well as 8 and this can make some of the virus escape through. Thus, you have to check for viruses which are in your personal computer.

Apart from malware, the user also needs to check junk programs on his system. This is because high memory usage will result from junks if they are not caused as a result of malware. It’s crucial to check because some programs may behave abnormally. Some of the programs may take excessive storage space. This will overwork the RAM and CPU of the computer. All these will limit the processing speed of the Windows.

You can monitor most of the apps running on Windows with the Task Manager. While some programs work perfectly, others might not. Most forum on the internet has monitored the operation of ntoskml.exe. most users reported that this program increase the RAM usage whenever they switch their computer on. Although, this may look good at first but this process consumes the entire RAM when in use. It doesn’t take RAM space alone but large CPU space as well.

The best precaution which user can take is to scan their computer with anti-malware application. A good example is MalwareBytes because you can use it to perform deep scan for your Window 10 OS. However, ensure you reboot your computer once you finish scanning.

How to Fix High Memory Usage on Windows 10

Irrelevant programs which are running underground can result to high memory usage in Window 10 operating system. Yet, this does not imply that the challenge is independent of the user’s system. The user can solve the issue with high memory usage by deleting some of the programs but you can still experience the issue as time pass by. In some cases, deleting the malware as well as programs might not resolve the program. Thus, we would provide you with options which you can use to fix high CPU memory usage on Windows 10 entirely.

You should check these lists of various methods for fixing high memory usage issues on Windows 10. The methods work differently based on the challenge of the computer. You should try them out to see the one suitable for your personal computer.

Fix High Memory Usage from System Registry

Fix High Memory Usage from System Registry
Fix High Memory Usage from System Registry

You can solve nearly all system issues by changing one or some of the settings in the registry. Regardless of whether you are using Windows 7, 8 or 10, the system registry is applicable to all. So, you can resolve the issue with high memory usage on Window 10 using the registry of the system.

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You should follow the steps listed below to resolve the issues with high memory

1. Click Window button + R simultaneously. Hold it till you see the Run window box.

2. Enter Regedit on the window. Then, click enter button to continue

3. You should search for ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ Memory Management’ on the Regedit window.

4. You should locate ‘ClearPageFileAtShutDown’ and change the value there to 1

5. After changing the value, you should close the Regedit.

6. Finally, restart your PC.

Drivers & Processes with Windows 10 Memory Usage

Drivers & Processes with Windows 10 Memory Usage
Drivers & Processes with Windows 10 Memory Usage

The driver can cause challenges with the high memory usage. You should follow the steps below to resolve this challenge.

1. Install WDK for Windows 10 by a Web browser

2. Locate the Start menu on the Window desktop

3. Look for the Command Prompt.

4. You should right click on the most appropriate result from the list.

5. Click Run as Administrator from the options available

6. You should type the "cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Tools\x64" immediately the Command Prompt window show, then click enter button.

7. You’ll get directed to the command prompt directory where you’ll access WDK files.

8. You should type poolmon.exe and click enter on the command window

9. Click letter P to sort the list once you access the utility. Then, press B to sort it according to the byte’s numbers.

10. You should notice the pool tag of the item which uses high memory space.

11. You should use another command prompt to check the driver category the tag falls under.

12. Then, typein f indstr / s on the command window and check the tag earlier observed.

13. The system will redirect you to various kinds of sys files

14. Check the properties to see the location of the driver.

15. Look for Window Driver Kit and download it from the official webpage of Microsoft

16. Get the driver kit installed to continue your operation.

Performance Change to Fix High Memory Usage on Windows 10

It is crucial to effect these changes on your personal computer. You can definitely customize your Window 10 PC to fit your own need. You should stick to the steps listed below to solve issues with high memory usage on your computer.

1. You should right click on the computer icon on your personal computer.

2. Select properties from the various option and click on it.

3. On the window properties, you should select Advanced System settings.

4. Navigate to the section of System properties

5. Continue the process by clicking continue

6. Search for option for adjusting performance. Then, click apply to effect the change.

7. Click OK, then restart the PC to complete the entire process.

Monitor Windows 10 Applications for RAM (Memory) Space

We have stated earlier that several junk programs use high CPU memory on Window 10. You have to launch the Task Manager to see the program that use excess memory space. You can likewise use the process tab to view the entire program running on your Window 10 computer. Search for apps or programs that use high RAM memory than expected. This will allow you to uninstall these apps or programs if they are not crucial for future need. When you uninstall them, you’ll have enough storage space on your personal computer.

Disable Start-up Programs to Increase High Memory Performance on Windows 10 Bootup

We have suggested earlier that disabling as well as uninstalling your programs might resolve the issue with the use of high memory on your personal computer. When it comes to start-ups programs, the user can disable them to limit the memory usage. You should check the programs which are not essential for the computer OS. You can then disable these programs. You’ll have enough storage space once you do away with several junk programs.

You should follow the steps below to use this method:

1. Click Windows and R key simultaneously to start.

2. You’ll see the run dialogue box.

3. Input msconfig in the box and click enter to continue the process

4. This will launch the Task manager. Search for Start-up tab, then click on it

5. You’ll come across a list of programs which would run on the start-ups.

6. Choose the program you aim to disable, then right-click on it. Of the options shown, select disable.

Hard Drive Defragmentation

It is crucial to check the hard drives of PC very well so as to ensure proper maintenance. This is because mismanagement can have a negative effect on the CPU as well as RAM. Thus, you should ensure a proper management routine for your hard drives.

Follow the steps listed below to use this method.

1. You should launch Run window to start. Click the R and Window buttons simultaneously.

2. You should input dfrgui in the Run window and click Enter button to continue.

3. Choose the hard drives you want to defragment once the settings appear.

4. Click Optimize and follow the instructions to achieve the process.

5. You should restart your computer after the entire process.

Too Many Programs equal Too Much Memory Consumption on Windows 10

Excessive apps can limit the performance of your PC. Although, some of these apps might fulfill your needs perfectly but may use high CPU and RAM memory. Rather than using various types of programs simultaneously, you should terminate those that are not crucial. When you operate fewer programs on your system, you’ll experience a better performance.

Third Party Programs Use Too Much Memory on Windows 10

The installation of third-party applications can be disadvantageous to your personal computer. This is because some of the programs might use high memory space due to many reasons. You need to scan them to ensure their safety. With the aid of full scan, you’ll detect any virus on your Window 10 computer. You can take this precaution to prevent the use of high memory on the Window 10 system CPU as well as RAM.

PC WIndows 10 Reboot

You can always reboot your computer to resolve any trouble with the memory usage. Users can apply this method whenever they encounter slight problem on their computer. For you to fix the issue with high memory usage on your Windows 10, you should reboot the PC. You can also use this method if you intend to boost the performance of your PC. Besides improving the performance of your computer, rebooting would help you observe if you have blocked programs.

Windows Processes Creating High Memory Usage on Windows 10

Windows Processes Creating High Memory Usage on Windows 10
Windows Processes Creating High Memory Usage on Windows 10

It's quite possible for Windows 10 to have several programs running in the desktop and background simultaneously. Several running applications may limit the processing speed of the computer. This may cause problem when it occurs repeatedly. You should check the Task Manager to see the application consuming the highest memory space. You need to solve the high memory usage as soon as possible. This is because it can lead to other forms of problems on your computer.

Just Get more RAM for your PC Windows 10

Memory sticks are cheaper and faster these days. Chances are your PC motherboard still has more extra memory slot for more RAM. Buy 1-2 more sticks to make your trouble of Windows 10 High Mem go away. This may work wonder.

However, keep in mind about the memory and motherboard compatibility. Check the motherboard manual or online website to see which memory manufacturers would work for sure. They usually just work if the motherboard and RAM sticks have the same Double Data Rate (DDR). Such as DDR2, DDR3, DDR4.

If you don‘t have extra memory slots in your PC, just buy the same of amount of RAM sticks but in a bigger size. For example, you have 2 RAM sticks, 4 GB each. So it is 8 GB of RAM in total. Your motherboard do not have extra memory slots. Get 2 new RAM sticks of 8 GB each to have 16 GB in total RAM for your Windows 10.

Some good sites to get them are NewEgg or Amazon . You can inquire about a local hardware store on Google for used memory sticks. They should be much cheaper. Make sure there is certain period of warranty when buying used RAM sticks. Such as: 3 months, 6 months or one year. BuySaleAndTrade or Craigslist may be a good place for that depending on where you live.

Conclusion on High Memory Problem for Windows 10 in 2023

It is quite annoying to experience high usage of memory on Windows 10 RAM as well as CPU. This will limit the CPU processing speed or stops it entirely. But you can use some of the methods earlier discussed to address these issues. Moreover, they would work differently based on the kind of programs as well as the reason for high memory usage.

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