What You'll Have to Give Up After Launching a Startup

by Sean B.

What You'll Have to Give Up After Launching a Startup

Have you got the game-changing idea potentially able to improve thousands of lives and to bring you unbelievable profits? That's great. But there is something you need to know before you start implementing your concepts.

First of all, your business is a living creature. Regardless of your starting investment amount, your small, middle, or big business startup will become your only crying baby. It will require constant attention and non-stop care from you to grow.

The difference is that a kid can be brought to your wife, mother, nanny, or granny, while you can't stop tracking your startup even for a minute. It takes everything you can give. And then it asks for more.

Most probably, you can't even imagine what you're going in for when launching a startup. When I started my own business as a student, asking someone to do my essay for me was a necessity, as I always had not enough time.

So, whoever you are, be ready to sacrifice some ordinary, usual things which are parts of your everyday life when launching a startup. If you are a student, here is a paper owl review you know how to use. If you are a full-time employer, get ready to lower your office performance, or even quit your current job entirely. Here is the list of things you'll surely refuse while launching and developing your business during its early growth period (and even after that).

Employment Guarantees and Benefits

Employment Guaranteesand Benefits
Employment Guarantees and Benefits

Working 9 to 5 is something most people say they hate. However, becoming a business CEO gives you the freedom you never could expect to get. After a startup is launched, you don't depend on your working hours anymore. You'll work all the time. At any moment. And if it will be necessary, you'll be busy till late night and early morning hours.

As someone else's employee, you get paid once or twice per month. You can visit a doctor or stay at home if you need it. The only thing you lose is your daily payment. As an employee, you are just a part of a big machine able to make it through without you for a while.

Things work differently with your startup. It would be best if you forgot about any financial rewards during the first few months or even years. Your business requires investments. You can't take care of your health properly because you don't have enough time. And of course, remember: no vacation or holidays.

Wellbeing and Mental Health

A state of calmness, comfort, health, and happiness is impossible when you're stressed all the time. Building a business is a heroic deed. The process will exhaust you both physically and mentally. Your nightmares will be connected with startup mistakes or failures. You'll be tense. Get ready.

Life Control

A paradox comes here: by giving your life under someone else's control for 8 hours daily, you get total control over the remaining 16. While being an employee, you don't worry about paying bills, buying food, or new hardware. It's not only about finance. I mean your comfort here, too.

After starting a business, you won't feel relaxed anymore. Nothing can be planned for sure. Your entire life becomes a pursuit of success.

Control? What's control?

Leisure Time

Leisure Time
Leisure Time

Do you like hiking? Walking around with a girlfriend? Making friends online? Reading random local news? Startup owners can be busy only with their startups.

No, it won't be enough only to build models and make sure that processes run smoothly. To improve your startup's functioning, you need to continue planning further development, keep controlling what you can, and improve all the things possible to upgrade at the moment.

Social Life

Do you know those parents caring about their children too much every now and then? That'll be your actual state of mind and life, but you'll be devoting all of your time and efforts to that growing business.

Your friends will forget your face. You'll discuss your business troubles with your partner, and lucky you will be if they won't think you got totally mad. That's it.

A Plus: Hope for Better

Here is some bonus point from me. There always are great opportunities and moments when doing your new business. For example, you'll be extremely proud of yourself after understanding that your startup grew up and became able to function properly. You'll feel energy and enthusiasm boosts after every positive result gained. You'll realize you're creating something valuable, something cool, and something great.

Here is a thing to know: launching a startup won't be easy. But the result is definitely worth any effort.

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