10+ Best YouTube Alternative Websites For Watching Videos In 2023

by Sean B.

10+ Best YouTube Alternative Websites For Watching Videos In 2023 - With over a billion videos hosted, watched and talked about by many people, YouTube is popular. YouTube contents keep growing by the day, and so it is with its active users.

Why Looking for the Best You tube Alternative in 2023?

I am sure if you try to be nosy, you’ll find one or two people talking about YouTube before you get to your office.

Well, as you would guess, such a popular online video platform feels they can do an undo at will. But is that the ideal thing? Maybe it was just an avenue to give other streaming websites a chance to come up. With this, most unhappy users have to get themselves happy again with different options.

List of Best YouTube Alternative Websites For Watching Videos In 2023

If you have been on the search for a better alternative, you’ve just stumbled on the right post at the right time. All you need do is pull over to pick your best YouTube alternative streaming site. Go here to see the 100% full list of free movies websites for all the online streaming of movies and tv shows ya ever need.

1. Dailymotion - Alternative


If you know and like YouTube, this is another popular streaming site similar to YouTube. One unique feature about it is the fact that its interface is similar to YouTube. With the homepage, you can find trending videos. You can as well use the search bar to find more categories.

Like YouTube, Dailymotion receives about 112 million users every month. Partly is due to their excellent streaming services. Again, most content creators love this site with passion. Reasons being thatthey upload content of about 4GB and a playtime of up to 60 minutes. Talking about video resolution, it can support up to 1080p of high video resolution.

Yes, Dailymotion has its copyright policies, but you can’t compare it to that laid down by YouTube. So, content uploaders have more flexibility in the services they enjoy. Also, content uploaders have an option of monetizing their contents through a paywall. With this, viewers will see some ads on some video they stream.

To wrap it up, some key features users like about Dailymotion include high-quality contents. Besides this, others include an easy-to-navigate layout and fewer chances of content removal.

2. PlayTube - Alternative


PlayTube is one video hosting site you can stream and save videos to your device. You can also download any format of content as well as convert to any form. Also, you can extract music from video and batch download/convert video with a click.

More so, many users love this site since they can choose what resolution they need.

3. Crackle - Alternative


I am sure you never knew that Crackle is owned on the largest company. In case you were trying some guesses, Sony Picture Entertainment owns it.

So, with its origin, you can trust it for high-quality video. Many users even have Crackle as a personal online TV channel. With this, they enjoy unlimited TV shows and Hollywood movies on Crackle.

4. Vimeo - Alternative


Classy filmmakers and artists find Vimeo as one of the best content hosting website. With Vimeo, professionals in dance, photography, cinematography, and dance can showcase their talents.

If classic short timed video, exciting snapshot, and experimental music are what you want, you can get them here.

Vimeo is known for high-quality content because of their strict guidelines. It is only on Vimeo you can enjoy 4K Ultra HD video content together with HDR. Vimeo is unique in its ads-free way of operation.

Well, many content creators frown at their 500MB weekly limit on uploads. Although you can raise this bar to 5GB, you’ll have to pay for that.

Overall, you’ll enjoy a clean interface with well-organized categories for easy content search. Also, you’ll enjoy more video with little or no ads or other distracting elements.

5. Veoh - Alternative

10+ Best YouTube Alternative Websites For Watching Videos In 2023: Veoh
10+ Best YouTube Alternative Websites For Watching Videos In 2023: Veoh

You can enjoy unlimited video on this website and even create your online videos to suit you.

Do you like videos you’ll spend hours or days watching? Veoh is the place you need to visit. For content uploaders, you have an express upload channel here. With its unlimited video length, uploaders can upload as large as 10GB video. Veoh can also be site to find TV series, anime, and several other movies.

Need more reason whyit a better alternative to YouTube? Veoh has a clean interface with other social networking features. With the networking features, you can add contacts and send a direct message. Also, you create groups.

6. Internet Archive’s Video Section - Alternative


If you need a library of different contents, stop by here. Within the videos section of this website, you can find a lot of contents. Is it TV series, documentary or movies? You’ll find almost anything on Internet Archive.

Also, apart from getting contents, you can also contribute your quota to the archive. By uploading content, you’ve played your part.

7. MySpace - Alternative


MySpace is a strong rival to Facebook, with amazing contents for users. You can enjoy lots of videos from sport stars and other celebrities. Through most of the original video from such stars, you can interact with them on MySpace.

8. Metacafe - Alternative


Since 2003, Metacafe has remained a popular YouTube alternative for many users. It even came into the stage before YouTube came on board. This website focuses more on short video clips of about 90-seconds. With this, users can enjoy light-weight video files with much excitement.

So, users in need of a professionally made video may not get what they want here. However, viewers in need of a short humorous video can find this site of much importance. Also, with its product review panel, you can see which video many users enjoy watching

Despite its minimal interface, it caters for about 40 million users globally.

9. IGTV - Alternative

10+ Best YouTube Alternative Websites For Watching Videos In 2023: IGTV
10+ Best YouTube Alternative Websites For Watching Videos In 2023: IGTV

The recently launched Instagram TV is another strong rival to YouTube. This website has video formats that are designed toshow well if you are using smartphones. For users with an Instagram account, IGTV brings them video automatically.

Based on your interest, you can follow other channels to view contents from them. Instagram TV allows many content creators to showcase their motion content.

10. 9Gag TV - Alternative

9Gag TV
9Gag TV

9GagTV is yet another video sharing site with pure entertainment. Most Twitter and Facebook users are conversant with this website. This is because they enjoy unlimited show in formats such as memes and GIF.

Similar to YouTube, you can get lots of movie trailers, funny videos here. If you need engaging contents, you can check out the “WTF” and “WOW” section.

11. The Open Video Project - Alternative

The Open Video Project
The Open Video Project

Ever since it was launched in 1998, The Open Video Project has over 195 video segments. It is well known for digitized video with lots of educational, history and documentaries.

With filters like time, formats and sound, you can access your desired content fast. Most contents here are from US government agencies.

12. DTube - Alternative


DTube is another YouTube alternative that is attracting many viewers to itself. Although with a similar interface to YouTube, DTube is a decentralized site with high video quality.

From the homepage, you can browse through trending and hot videos. You can also watch videos right from the homepage of the website. Again, you can also make use of the save option to watch videos in a later time. If what you need is trending videos, you can have these from the trending tags.

Sure, you’ll like this part. DTube is completely ads-free. With its Steem blockchain for record keeping, you don’t have to make an initial deposit. You can even earn from the website by dropping comments on videos. And for those who upload video, they can be rewarded with Steem crypto-currency by DTube.

13. Vevo - Alternative

10+ Best YouTube Alternative Websites For Watching Videos In 2023: Vevo
10+ Best YouTube Alternative Websites For Watching Videos In 2023: Vevo

If what you need is a high-quality music, take the next turn leading to Vevo. Both new and old official music video from famous musician such as Rick Ross, Drake, you will find them here.

For all the music lovers, Vevo is a better YouTube alternative if you want to keep up with trending music. The platform is easy to move through with the latest tracks from mainstream musicians.

Well, I had to bring it this low since it only offers music contents.

14. PeerTube - Alternative


This open source video sharing website is a real alternative to YouTube. Similar to BitTorrent, anyone can host a video on this website. With a clean and straightforward interface, finding content is smooth with no distraction from ads.

If you don’t want some limitations of YouTube such as getting censored, check PeerTube. With this site, any content creator can showcase their work with a risk of being banned.

Well, PeerTube is still new, so don’t expect so much from it. However, the little it offers is outstanding, especially as an upcoming rival.

Conclusion on Best Alternatives to YouTube in 2023

Although you may hardly find a website that is strong enough to push YouTube off the stage, these sites can enhance your experience. With a combination of these alternative websites, you agree that you won’t be limited to YouTube again.

I hope you found this list as a useful tool to give you access to the contents you need when YouTube is limiting you. You are free to use the comment box to suggest other websites that are not here but you know to be useful.

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