Best Einthusan Alternatives to Stream Free Movies and TV Shows

by Sean B.

Bollywood, famous for its amazing cinematography and amazing musical numbers is known all over the world. It has really risen up amongst the leading entertainment forms in the world. If you are Indian, or enjoy Indian movies, especially South Indian movies then we have great news for you!

Einthusan's Features

Einthusan is a very famous website known for streaming South Indian movies. This means it includes their vast collection of Tamil and Telugu movies. This website even comes with different language options such as:

· Hindi

· Kannada

· Malayalam

· Tamil

· Telugu

· Bengali

· Chinese

Einthusan is the go-to streaming website to find these somewhat less popular Indian movies. It has ad-free subscription services so that you can stream your favorite movie, uninterrupted. No ads, no hassle. Very convenient for you and your family to watch your favorite movies. This subscription is a one-time payment which you will need to pay.

Being such a popular website, Einthusan has been facing backlash after being accused of unlawfully hosting copy-written content. This is really ironic, because on its website, it establishes itself as truly legitimate by saying “Our library consists of over 4000+ legally licensed content from 9 regional languages of India.” Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it got banned in countries as well as India.

Below here is some more information about this website, if you are interested to know before you believe any speculations of any kind:

Einthusan login

You can stream movies and TV shows on this website but if you’re not a member, say hello to those annoying ads. If you’re bothered by these ads, you can create an account on this website, only it will charge you. This payment is a onetime thing so rest assured, it will not cost you much. Once you are a member, the login part of this website becomes a breeze as you only need to fill in your username/e-mail ID and password which you signed up with. Now, you are free to stream any content without those pesky annoying ads.

The Einthusan App:

If you’re a fan of watching movies and TV shows on the go from your phone or tablet, you might be a little disappointed as there is currently no app for this website available, anywhere. If you search for it on the Google Play Store, you can find many minor, related apps, but not the original as it has been pulled off by Google for unknown reasons. Probably because of its copy-written content scandal. This is no surprise as many websites are sprouting up like this all over the internet.

It is not recommended to download these minor related apps as they are considered third-party. These can be harmful for your phone and your privacy because they can be encoded with harmful malware, which is a major security risk to your device and data. Better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to the privacy of your own data. There are also other apps boasting of offering Einthusan APK but these are totally unreliable as they have little to no link to the official Einthusan website. Meaning, there is a highly significant chance these are unrelated.

How to get Einthusan Downloader

To find legitimate download links for Einthusan is near impossible as there are so many of them. This is very common especially when it comes to more obscure websites. Thus, there are so many spam websites that claim they offer Einthusan downloads but in reality only spam you with advertisements. Be careful of what you’re clicking on when searching for anything. Privacy is important!

Einthusan Kodi Addon

For more experienced users, you can now easily watch Einthusan on your Kodi software. Just download the Einthusan addon for Kodi from Reasons Kodi repository and you’re hooked up! If you are one to search for free movies, check out this list of Kodi movie ad- ons .

A little bit of a disputed topic, as remember, Einthusan is banned in countries like India. A simple search on Google reveals so many website links which lead to the suggestion that Einthusan basically scams its users. It does this by charging them (although, one time) for watching and streaming pirated content!

Ironically, on their website, you can find that they have branded themselves by advertising themselves as providing “100% legitimate and legal information”. They offer over 4000+ legally licensed content.

One can say that we cannot know for sure how legitimate this website is. And that is for the better as you know can be even more cautious online. There are many scams involved with these unprotected websites.

You may feel as if your options are limited . If you are trying to get access to a streaming website like Einthusan but you don’t wish to get scammed or pay a hefty sum, you’re in luck! We have compiled a list of 100% legal websites, just for you, that won’t trick or cheat you at all.

Did we mention that streaming Einthusan itself will give you an error page if you are trying to access it from India? Because it has been banned there is no way (without a VPN or something related) to access this website and its content. All the more reason to check out this list and consider a change!

1. Hotstar


Our first streaming service on the list is just as diverse as Einthusan when it comes to movies. It has both Indian and South Indian movies all for your pleasure to stream. This website is certainly 100% legal, so you can stream with no guilty feeling that you’re contributing to pirated content. Hotstar even has its own app available in both iOS and Android so you can watch anything, anywhere on the go.

2. YuppFlix


A great option. Known for having a very large collection of Indian and South Indian movies, YuppFlix is sure to please all your entertainment craving needs. If you’re just trying out their services, not wanting to commit to anything, don’t worry. They offer a free 3-day trial to all potential members. When you’re done with your trial and you like what they’re offering you can sign up as a premium member and stream away!

3. SonyLiv


Owned by the massive entertainment corporation: Sony, you know this website will not disappoint. From movies like PK to TV shows like Kaave Anjali, there’s unlimited choice to what you can stream! Considering their massive collection, they are sure a viable option when it comes to streaming services.

4. YouTube


Our old faithful! Did you know Bollywood is now expanding to YouTube? Production companies like Rajshri and even Ultra Movies now have their own channels and upload their own movies on YouTube? You can now watch movies like Andaaz Apna Apna and Mein Prem Ki Deewanu Hunon YouTube? Did we also mention that this is absolutely free and totally legal? All that entertainment and no cost? What a steal! Not only this, you also find movies in Hindi and also South Indian movies in Tamil, Kannada, Bengali and Punjabi.

5. YuppTV


Another great alternatives if you want to watch free movies online. Especially if your taste is in South Indian movies. The perks of this website don’t just end in its very diverse and massive collection of movies and TV shows. YuppTV also gives its users to watch its movies and TV shows for free for 90 whole days after you sign up for a subscription. It offers not just movies and TV shows though, as live TV is also offered on this streaming service! This is the perfect option if Einthusan is unavailable in your country.

Einthusan – still a great place for streaming

So! While you are now completely informed of all the other amazing websites that offer the same but totally legal content as Einthusan , let’s talk about this controversial website.

It is still regarded as the highest popular streaming service in South Asia. There is no dispute as despite its sketchy legal issues, the website does have a lot of content. It’s easy, user friendly and totally convenient for even the most average movie-lover. When it comes to accessing it, especially now that it is banned in so many countries, VPN can be your option. VPN basically changes your IP address and therefore you can access any content from anywhere in the world, not just your own country. All while sitting in your home.

The legality of their content can be argued , but at the same time , does it really matter if they themselves are claiming that their content is 100% legal? If you are a little skeptical over this issue, give our recommendations a try! There are 5 in total which means if you are unsatisfied with one, you can definitely try out the next. Some of them even offer free membership trials so you can experience their content easily and with a constant feel of peace in mind!

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