Apps Like Tinder for Android and iOS 2023

by Sean B.

Apps Like Tinder for Android and iOS 2023 - When you talk about dating apps, many people think of Tinder first. But Tinder isn’t the only dating app available. There are many other dating platforms with apps available for Android and iOS. Many of these platforms come with a fresh and new take and twist that is not seen on Tinder.

Features of Apps like Tinders

Yes, we understand why Tinder is so important. Tinder is available in about 190 countries, it has a very large number of users as a result . This dating platform records well over 1 billion swipes daily. But then with the quantity, Tinder may not be best suited for everyone.

If you are here, you are probably in search for another dating app – on best suited to your needs. We have compiled the best apps like Tinder for dating, hookups, relationships and friendships.

List of Best Tinder Alternatives 2023

We have outlined clearly what makes this apps their own unique space to allow you make better decisions on which to opt for.

1. OkCupid - App


This dating platform encourages that people share and tell stories, passion, and interesting things certainly things more interesting than the weather. The administrator makes it clear that their aim is to focus on other things beyond your look, and more on you as a person. The caption on the website reads emphasizes that users are way more than a photo. And this platform aims to help users get noticed for their personality and not just their looks.

In achieving their objective , they have an amazing algorithm that matches people based on what matters to them. Creating meaningful connections. The sites ask questions about things you care about, and then help you find people you would feel compatible with.

On this platform, after you have created your account, you can choose to link it to your Instagram. Then, you have to answer certain questions and can also provide the answer you expect from a potential match. This helps improve compatibility. You can choose to make the answers you give to certain questions public for all to see and also choose to note how important they are to you.

Type of connection

OkCupid offers both hookups and relationships.

What is great about OkCupid?

This site promotes better match process. And you can choose your match based on gender, sexual preferences, and other criteria. You can also clearly state what kind of connection you want – whether a relationship or a hookup.

Also, you are able to learn a great deal about a potential match with the questions the platform pose and the way the profile appears or presents.

What isn’t so great about OkCupid?

The photos are small when viewed. You have to tap on a person’s picture to see a larger version. And tap on a person to view the profile. When you do exit the profile and back to the list, the list may have changed in order, as it is not guaranteed it will stay the same. Simply put , the interface of this platform isn’t the best.

Also, anybody can message you on this platform. Whether the person is a potential match or not . And even if you do not reply, they can keep messaging you with no restriction.

Install App

App is free with in-app purchases

OkCupid for Android

OkCupid for iOS

2. Coffee Meets Bagel - App

Coffee Meets Bagel
Coffee Meets Bagel

This dating site is amazing and well-known for its algorithm. Their tagline says “make authentic connections with Coffee Meets Bagel”. Every day at noon, this platform sends out potential match, which they call “Bagels” to users, about 21 of them. Upon receiving this Bagels, you have 24 hours to decide if you “like” or “pass”. If the potential match also like you and you like them, then you can connect.

Type of connection

Coffee Meet Bagels offers Relationships

What is great about Coffee Meet Bagel ?

This platform allows you to narrow your matches down based on things that may be important to you, such as religion, ethnicities, sexual preference, and the likes.

Also, you can add more than one picture to your profile making. Also, the platform functions and its algorithm allow users to date more intentionally. As their match are well made and there is no swiping around.

What isn’t so great about Coffee Meet Bagels ?

Every chat expires after one week. This forces users to exchange numbers or other means of communication too quickly. Also, may force users to try to make a certain impression to have this exchange occur before the expiration of a chat.

The way their matches occur can slow down match and may result too frequently in a match that is in a significant distance from you.

Also, to create a profile on this platform, users need to link to their Facebook account.

The app is also well-known to have a slow load time and update.

Install App

App is free with in-app purchases

Coffee Meet Bagel for Android

Coffee Meet Bagel for iOS

3. Bumble - App Site


What makes this dating platform different from the others is when two opposite gender matches, it is the lady only that can message the man. So, it gives the female gender the power in their hands. They say that this is to “shift old-fashioned power dynamics and encourage equality from the start.” If a guy is really hopeful on hearing from a lady, he can extend a match for 24 hours. Also, women can extend a match if they wish to initiate a conversation but are too busy at the time to do so.

For same gender matches, any person can go ahead and make the first move or initiate the conversation.

Type of connection

Bumble offers both hookups and relationships

What is great about Bumble?

This platform has a great user interface. The settings on this platform is minimal and easy to use. The profiles are also made brief and concise.

And for ladies, this platform encourages losing the inhibition and removing the fear of being the first to start a conversation. Which is super great.

In addition, this platform has a code of conduct. It clearly states that it does not support pornographic contents and requires that users respect other users. Bumble works hard at ensuring the platform is a safe and friendly space.

What isn’t so great about Bumble?

It is often said that Bumble lacks diversity among the users. And if you are a woman who isn’t comfortable with being the first to initiate a conversation that this platform becomes awkward and not suitable.

Install App

App is free with in-app purchases

Bumble for Android

Bumble for iOS

4. Hinge - App Url


This dating app is so not like Tinder. First, it did away with swiping. Then it introduced the feature that allows users to like or comment on certain parts of another users’ profile they like. This allow users know what another likes about them and helps in initiating and sustaining conversations.

Hinge was initially created to connect users with friends of their friends. However, it has long grown much bigger than that.

Type of connection

Hinge aims to offer relationships. However, know that hookups still occur on this platform.

What is great about Hinge?

Hinge has this feature that discourages ghosting on a user you have started a conversation with. It sends nudges to remind you to continue conversation and exist in the space.

What isn’t so great about Hinge?

You can only add pictures from Instagram or Facebook. And if you do not exist on either of these platforms , then, Hinge may not be right for you. Also, their anti-ghosting reminders can become quite irritating as it quickly turns to anything but a gentle nudge.

Install App

App is free with in-app purchases

Hinge for Android

Hinge for iOS

5. Raya - App Link

Apps Like Tinder for Android and iOS 2023: Raya
Apps Like Tinder for Android and iOS 2023: Raya

This is an exclusive dating platform. And it is well known to cater for persons in the creative industry, as well as celebrities. Raya is an online private membership-based community for dating, making new friends and networking. This platform believes in “individuality, creativity, and sharing stories.”

After downloading the app for Raya, you would need to complete an application and become vetted by Raya to join the community. Upon acceptance to the community, you would need to pay a monthly subscription of 8 USD to be a member. During the vetting process, Raya looks out for some certain criteria as described on their site:

· Adults. Users have to be 18 years and above. They even require an ID for this.

· Your work. They want to know about your work and how you spend your time – what you are an expert or know for. Simply put , they want to vet what makes you stand out as a creative .

· If a member of Raya refers you. Although, they say that there are instances when persons who were not referred get considered. But for this to happen, you need to have “something extra” about you.

Basically, when picking members of this closed community, they look for people that can be a part of other creatives in a gathering with out feeling odd.

Type of connection

Raya offers hookups with creatives and celebrities, networking and friendships.

What is great about Raya?

You are certain that you will roll with the top-level creatives and celebrities on this platform. And once accepted into the community, the platform is really easy to use and straightforward.

What isn’t so great about Raya?

There is no Android app for Raya. It is only configured for use on iOS.

Also, although this platform is for creatives and top-level celebrities, you may find that you are unlucky with meeting the celebs you want as they may not be on this platform.

Install App

Paid subscription at 8 USD/ month

Raya for iOS

6. Plenty of Fish - App Website

Plenty of Fish
Plenty of Fish

When it comes to size, Plenty of Fish has that going well for it. Being one of the older dating platforms available, it has well over 90 million users. For the users, this means that they are quickly and easily matched on this platform. Also, it is easier to find matches significantly near to you.

This platform makes users take quizzes of their likes and dislikes. This is to make it easier when matching them with other users. And to ensure they get users with similar interest as potential match.

Type of connection

Plenty of Fish (POF) offers both hookups and relationships

What is great about Plenty of Fish ?

The large number of users is something we definitely like about this platform. Also, that users can easily get matched with others significantly close to them.

What isn’t so great about Plenty of Fish ?

This platform still offers the swipe feature well known with Tinder. Also, there are a lot of fake profiles here.

Plenty of Fish app is only available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Brazil.

Install App

App is free with in-app purchases

POF for Android

POF for iOS

7. Happn - App Download


This dating platform comes with a twist. It helps you find people you have crossed path with. You know someone you have crossed path with in your everyday life but for some reason did not notice or initiate a conversation. It does this by bringing a person’s profile to your timeline every time you cross path with them.

This is a unique approach. Happn uses the power of its users’ location to match users with other Happn members when they cross path or are in the same location. It even shows you the number of times you have crossed path with another member. Happn shows users who have been within 800m of each other, however, it never shows any user’s location in real time. So, not to worry about that.

When a person shows up on your timeline, you can like or dislike them. If a person you like also likes you in return, then you can connect. This is well known as a Crush.

Type of connection

Happn offers both hookups and relationships

What is great about Happn ?

Setting up your profile is pretty easy, straightforward and standard. Users can also link Facebook and Instagram when creating a profile and to add pictures. It is also possible to link Spotify account to see if your music taste is similar to other users.

If a person keeps appearing on your timeline, and you do not want to see the person anymore, you can stop this. To stop seeing another user on your timeline, you can simply press the Cross button.

What isn’t so great about Happn ?

To like the profile of a person that appears on your timeline, users need to click on the Charm button. And using the Charm button requires a certain amount of in-app purchase.

It may come off as awkward and creepy seeing all the faces of people you crossed path with daily.

Install App

App is free with in-app purchases

Happn for Android

Happn for iOS

8. Zoe - App Link

Apps Like Tinder for Android and iOS 2023: Zoe
Apps Like Tinder for Android and iOS 2023: Zoe

This dating platform is exclusively for queer women. Upon joining Zoe, users need to go through a personality test to help in finding potential matches. Each match offered comes with a percentage, showing the degree of similarity between the user and the potential match. The higher the percentage, the more things both have in common and the closer to a perfect match they are.

And don’t you worry about the chances of getting a match quickly, as this platform has well over 3.5 million users.

Type of connection

Zoe offers both relationships and hookups

What is great about Zoe?
This platform design has exclusively the queer women in mind. it is also easy to use and straightforward messaging with the old fashion swiping seen on Tinder.

What isn’t so great about Zoe?

The profile of users on the platform are not so detailed as seen on other platforms.

Install App

App is free with in-app purchases

Zoe for Android

Zoe for iOS

9. Quiz Date Live

This dating platform is like a HQ Trivia or the popular The Bachelorette, but as an App. This platform works by offering livestream Questions and Answers (Q&A) sessions with women on the app. Then contestant compete to win a date with a featured female user, regarded as the lucky dater.

Contestants get asked series of multiple-choice questions in the first round. Successful contestant get to go to the next round where they get asked questions by the featured dater. Based on their answers, the dater narrows the contestants down to three. The selected three then gets to try to impress the dater with a video showing something they do best – dance, tell a joke, whatever really.

When the dater picks one contestant, they two gets to go on a date paid for by Quiz Date Live. Usually the date is a luxurious one – can be fine dinning experience, Broadway show, a helicopter ride or anything.

Quiz Date Live launched in 2023. However, they are working on expanding to include more areas in America and LGBTQ+ episodes.

Types of Connection

Well Quiz Date Live is for persons looking for a fun experience that may turn into relationships. Not ideal for quick hookups.

What is great about Quiz Date Live?

This platform offers a fun and entertaining experience with dating. Also, it is great that the first date gets paid for by Quiz Date Live. And the pair get to enjoy an amazing and luxurious first date.

What isn’t so great about Quiz Date Live?

This app is only available for iOS users. So, it is sad that Android users cannot join in all the fun. The reach is also currently limited to few states in the US. And not found outside America.

Also, this platform isn’t ideal for people not interested in all the fan fare involved with getting a date. Also, not ideal for persons looking to get a potential match quickly and with one they feel total control towards choosing.

Install App

Quiz Date Live on iOS

10. Grindr

This dating platform is exclusively for gay, trans, bi and queer people. This platform helps LGBTQ persons find similar people in the dating field. And it takes out the guessing and makes dating a more fun and less complicated process. The site says that Grindr helps create a safe place where users can discover, navigate, and get zero feet away from the queer world around them.

And don’t you worry about the chances of getting a match quickly, as this platform has millions of users in many countries around the world

Type of connection

Grindr offers both relationships and hookups

What is great about Grindr ?
This platform design has exclusively gay, bi, trans and queer persons in mind. it is also easy to use and straightforward messaging with the old fashion swiping seen on Tinder.

What isn’t so great about Grindr ?

The profile of users on the platform are not so detailed as seen on other platforms.

Install App

App is free with in-app purchases

Grindr for Android

Grindr for iOS

Other Dating Apps for Android and iOS

Skout - App Site


Skout Offers dating, relationships and friendships with people near you or in countries far away. The choice is in your hand. Rather that have many dates, this app helps you focus on more genuine and value-filled experiences and relationships.

Install App (free with in-app purchases)

Skout for Android

Skout for iOS

Match - App Link


With a wide datatbase of persons, you can browse through and decide to flirt with someone by sending them a wink. Match has been in the dating game for a long time and so offers many users to choose from. To enjoy Match to its fullest, prepare to pay a subscription of about 21 USD every 6 months.

Install App (free with in-app purchases)

Match for Android

Match for iOS

Ship - App Url

Apps Like Tinder for Android and iOS 2023: Ship
Apps Like Tinder for Android and iOS 2023: Ship

Designed to make dating fun by allowing your friends play the match maker . As they say “who knows you better than your friends”. This app allows your friends set you up based on all they know about you. Cool right? Although it is new in the game, it is staying strong with what it offers.

The Ship app is only available for iPhone users.

Install App

Ship for iOS

Conclusion of Apps Like Tinder for Android and iOS 2023

So, there you have it. All the details you need with choosing a dating app and kick start your dating life.


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